‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards Being Forced Into Rehab? What His New Fiancee Has To Say

Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards’ drug problems are finally catching up to him. Radar Online reported that Edwards’ fiancee, Mackenzie Standifer, is planning an intervention to force him into rehab. What did she say about her future husband’s drug issues?

Edwards’ substance abuse problems were the center of attention on a recent episode of Teen Mom OG. Maci Bookout, Edwards’ first baby mama, confirmed that he has a drug problem and needs to get help. The only thing standing in his way, however, is his family’s refusal to admit that he is addicted.

“He would do it,” Bookout told her co-stars on Edwards going to rehab. “It’s everyone else around him that’s afraid to admit it. He’s got me. Everyone else around him is too afraid of what it will look like more than his health. It’s all denial. The hardest thing is to see Ryan not love himself. He’s a person who deserves to love himself.”

After the episode aired, Standifer took to social media and asked fans for their support and prayers. “Here’s a thought… maybe instead of making assumptions and tearing people down, you could spend that time praying for us instead,” she shared. “Strong is beautiful.”

Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards [Image by MTV]

The Hollywood Gossip reported that Standifer later revealed that her relationship with Edwards is still great, despite his drug addiction. She even expressed her excitement about becoming a married couple in the near future and starting a new life together. The two are scheduled to exchange vows in Tennessee on November 18.

Edwards’ drug rumors first surfaced last season when the reality star appeared high during several episodes. Fans were quick to pick up on Edwards’ slurred speech and speculated that he was probably doing drugs. Edwards has yet to comment on the rumors.

In the meantime, Perez Hilton reported that Bookout is very worried about Ryan Edwards’ personal health. The Teen Mom star revealed that she is concerned that Edwards might die from a drug overdose and wants to do everything in her power to prevent that from happening.

“I’m just going to be like, ‘You have to go to rehab,'” Bookout explained to her husband, Taylor McKinney.

“Right now, is legitimately about saving his life. Most nights I’m crying in our bed talking to you about whether or not today is the day that he’s going to die or when I’m going to do something about it or how I should do something about it.”

It isn’t clear if Edwards will listen to Bookout’s advice and get the help he desperately needs. Although Bookout believes his family is getting in the way of rehab, Standifer’s father, Bob, revealed they are planning on staging an intervention. Bob refused to confirm any details of the intervention and assured fans that they will get together and talk about the issue. Fans can only hope that the family talk will motivate Edwards to get professional help.

Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards [Image by MTV]

While Edwards clearly has a lot of problems in his life, Bob is still looking forward to welcoming him into the family. In fact, Bob went so far to say that Edwards “is a great guy” and seemed happy that he’ll become his son-in-law. He didn’t comment on whether or not the rehab stay will delay the wedding plans.

The current season of Teen Mom OG was filmed a good six months ago, so it’s possible that Edwards already got help before the season aired. Either way, it sounds like Standifer and her family are sticking by Edwards no matter what unfolds in the coming months.

New episodes of Teen Mom OG air Monday nights on MTV.

Tell us! Do you think Ryan Edwards will enter rehab after seeing his problems play out on Teen Mom OG? Let us know in the comments below.

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