Ashley Graham Admits To Having Her Down Days: ‘Some Days I Feel Fat’

To say Ashley Graham exudes confidence in all she does might even be an understatement, considering all that the successful model and fashion designer has done for plus-size women all over the globe. Through her determination and her status as a positive role model, Ashley has become an inspiration for girls and women, particularly those unhappy with their own bodies. Now, Ms. Graham is sharing more about her bad days, revealing that even she has those days when nothing seems to fit right, and she feels woefully uncomfortable in her own skin.

Ashley Graham Comes Clean About Her Own Bad Days

Ms. Graham has tackled the lack of diversity in modeling with gusto, paving the way for women of all sizes to enter the fashion and modeling industries, reports People. Graham has also taken pride in representing the average women just searching for a better self-image. It’s not easy to always feel one’s best, however, and that’s something Ashley faces in her own life. While her fans might not consider the possibility, Graham admits that she does have dark days, but she doesn’t let them defeat her.

“There are some days I feel fat,” says the America’s Next Top Model judge.

Ashley acknowledges that every woman faces those mornings, where she wakes up to a disheartening body image. Graham seeks to share tools women can use on those days to stay strong and to find a way to face the challenges of that day with grace.

“Sometimes it can be as easy as telling yourself that you are beautiful,” says Ms. Graham.

The model says she only hopes to inspire women in the same way that her own mother inspired her. Growing up, Ashley says her mom faced every day with a smile, no matter what obstacles made life that much more challenging. Watching her mother face life with such a positive approach, Ms. Graham proudly declares that she won’t let “a little cellulite” darken her mood.

Ashley Graham Reveals Her Favorite Things About Being A Curvy Woman

Previously, Ms. Graham has criticized the use of the “plus-size” label because of the phrase’s negative connotations in American culture. Speaking with the Houston Chronicle, Ashley says she feels the term “curvy” is a more positive and a sexier label for larger women, or those whose body style doesn’t fit into the typical Hollywood mold.

While Graham has admitted that her body fluctuates and takes criticism that she’s been gaining weight with a grain of salt, that’s not to say that the America’s Next Top Model judge isn’t living a healthy lifestyle. First, she reveals with no shame that she loves food and enjoys eating, but she adds that she tries to keep her meals healthy. Graham also adds that she enjoys living an active lifestyle, whether she’s working out with a fitness trainer or just being on the go with a hectic schedule.

One of those things keeping Graham busy is designing colorful and fun styles for curvy women. Ashley says she’s working on designing a whole new line of styles for curvy women but adds that she already has items (swimsuits, lingerie, dresses) already available at Dress Barn.

What else is it about being a curvy woman that entices Ashley Graham?

“That your body is so sexy,” she responds, adding that she loves her hourglass shape.

When asked what brings her the most joy out of life, the America’s Next Top Model judge says her family tops that list, but being an authentic person comes in at a close second.

“When you don’t give your true authentic self, it means you’re hiding, and that’s not joy,” says Ashley Graham.

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