UFO News: Never-Before-Seen Witness Interview Claims Alien Bodies Recovered From Roswell Crash

Mark Jason Alcala

Seventy years after the incident, the alleged Roswell UFO crash continues to capture the imagination of ufologists as well as the public. This time, never-before-seen footage of a witness interview surfaced where he claimed to have seen alien bodies being hauled from the crash site.

For years, the Roswell UFO incident has been dismissed by the U.S. government as just a case of a crashed weather balloon used in a military experiment. However, ufologists have always claimed of an actual alien spaceship crash, even going as far as accusing of a massive government cover-up to suppress the real story from leaking out. If the recently unearthed witness account is indeed correct, there might be something more to the story after all.

The latest witness account favoring the UFO camp came from a former local police enforcement officer who claimed to be on duty the night of the alleged crash, Mirror reported. Then Deputy Sheriff Charles Fogus, together with Sheriff Jess Slaughter, were en route to pick up a prisoner when they heard over the police radio about a downed alien craft.

The former deputy sheriff's account on what happened that night in 1947 was published for the first time in a book written by Dr. Irena Scott. Titled UFOs TODAY: 70 Years of Lies, Misinformation & Government Cover-Up, the book re-examines the decades-long Roswell UFO controversy, taking into account the various researches and studies done on the subject by government agencies as well as the unique personal accounts of witnesses, including ex-Deputy Sheriff Fogus.

In the interview, Fogus claims to have seen a flying saucer crashing into the side of a river. He even gave an estimate on the size of the alien craft, saying that the UFO was 100 feet across.

When they reached the UFO crash site, Fogus said that there were already 300 to 400 soldiers in the area. The soldiers were busy hauling the occupants of the downed alien spacecraft. The former deputy sheriff even managed to see the bodies, describing them in great detail.

"The skin was a brownish colour…. Like they were in the sun too long," Fogus described the skin color of the bodies recovered from the Roswell UFO crash site. He added that the occupants were around five feet tall and that their feet "looked like our feet."

After staying in the area for around 20 minutes, they were asked to leave. They then proceeded to get the prisoner as they originally planned.

— The Sun (@TheSun) June 2, 2017

The latest UFO sighting just happened in Somerset, England, when unusually-shaped lights floated above a hill, according to a Daily Mail report. The video lasts for a few minutes and was taken by a resident from Frome.

"I took this video from my house in Frome last night. It was over the Cley Hill area I think, which is always a hotspot for UFOs," the resident who took the video explained.

The streaks of light were seen over Cley Hill, around two miles from the town of Warminster. The town is known as Britain's UFO capital, with a number of UFO phenomena observed in the vicinity since the mid-60s.

It all started on August 17, 1965, when a large orange flame in the skies above the town was observed. Equally strange noises were heard at the time of the UFO sighting, which some residents described to be like a "detonation noise."

— UFO Brothers (@uf0brostv) May 30, 2017

While numerous studies about the phenomena have been conducted, they all remain inconclusive on whether spaceship riding aliens do exist. The Roswell UFO incident is a particularly tricky case to solve since it involved the secretive U.S. military, prompting many to speculate that a cover-up could have happened. This compelled some concerned citizens to band together to form a pressure group called The Disclosure Project with the intention of convincing the government to release UFO-related documents. Thus far, the group's site claims to have gathered over "500 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret."

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