Josh Murray Reacts To Amanda Stanton’s ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Return

Will viewers be seeing both Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton try to find love again on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise? Not likely. After it was announced that Amanda’s returning to the spin-off, Josh posted a tweet that made it very clear that he has no interest in seeing his ex-fiancee in Mexico again, even if it would give him the opportunity to meet another potential wife.

On Wednesday, Us Weekly, citing multiple sources, reported that Amanda has made the decision to return to the spin-off despite her failed relationship with Josh. In response to one fan who tweeted to Josh that he should also go back on the show, Josh said that while Amanda’s returning, he’s staying far away.

Amanda and Josh got engaged on the Season 3 finale episode, which aired in September 2016. After the finale aired, they made frequent public appearances and featured the other heavily on their social media accounts. Yet in December, after weeks of rumors of a split, the two confirmed that they broke up. They later reconciled but broke up again in March.

As the Inquisitr reported, in March, someone claiming to be Josh’s assistant claimed that after Amanda and Josh had their final blowout, Amanda dumped Josh’s possessions out of her apartment into the building’s hallway and refused to return a car that he brought for her. The assistant further claimed that Amanda teased her over her weight, calling her “fatty” several times. Amanda immediately denied the claims. Amanda also admitted that she should have listened to everyone who warned her about Josh, alluding to Nick Viall’s warnings to her during Bachelor in Paradise that Andi Dorfman, with her claims in her post-Bachelorette memoir that Josh was emotionally abusive to her, was likely telling the truth.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, some of Amanda Stanton’s previous co-stars and good friends have hinted that Josh Murray was also abusive to Amanda, including Lauren Bushnell. Haley Ferguson, who along with her twin sister Emily Ferguson appeared on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise with Amanda and Josh, even went so far as to say that Josh is a verbally and emotionally abusive man who uses religion to cover up his evil.

While Amanda herself has yet to confirm her participation in the spin-off, she did say in an interview with Entertainment Tonight last week that while she doesn’t think she would return if given the opportunity, she wouldn’t rule it out.

“I don’t think so. I mean, I gave it a try, and I know that the process does work, and it worked for me, but it would be hard to go back. But I don’t want to say no for sure, because you never know. In the last two months, I’m like, ‘Maybe I could see myself going back.'”

She also hinted that she would perhaps like to meet some of the men from Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette, which just started airing two weeks ago.

“Last year I didn’t talk to anybody before the show besides Nick, but I think that was a good way to go. I think you get to know everybody. I’ve only seen one episode of Rachel [Lindsay’s] season [of The Bachelorette], and I’m assuming that would be the majority of the guys, so I’d be excited just to meet everybody. Maybe in a couple episodes. I’ll get back to you if there’s someone I’m crushing on.”

While Josh Murray won’t be looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise again, it seems that he’s still open and willing to put himself out there in search of the perfect woman. The night Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette premiered, Josh teased that he was using the relationship app Hinge. He’s also still watching the franchise. Despite his failed engagements to Andi Dorfman and Amanda Stanton, Josh has been tweeting his thoughts and opinion on Rachel’s season as the episodes air.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]