Chris Jericho Described Himself As ‘Anti-Type Brock Lesnar,’ Reveals Why He Will Never Become A Part-Timer

Originally, Chris Jericho’s last run was only meant to last four months and shortly after Wrestlemania 32. It was extended another full year and only just ended after WWE Payback. A lot of people are praising the last year of Y2J’s career as the best of his entire career, which is a bold statement to make. The WWE Universe is already missing his presence on WWE television and has been clamoring for his return to SmackDown Live.

WWE fans will take as much Jericho as they can get, but the man in question is not interested in working a part-time schedule with WWE. That role has become commonplace in WWE with performers like Goldberg, The Undertaker, and Brock Lesnar benefiting. However, Chris Jericho recently revealed during an interview with Uproxx that he’s not interested in becoming a part-timer because it wouldn’t benefit anyone in WWE.

“I won’t do it because that’s not the way it should be. When you’re there, you should go on the road. That’s how you help guys to learn. That’s how I got better. This whole year I got way better because of working with the younger guys, who then were learning from me as well. They need that. And it was a great year with just an awesome locker room, great people, lots of fun. I had as much fun out of the ring as I did in the ring. And in 2015, all I did was live events. I didn’t do TV at all. It’s like the anti-type Brock Lesnar. I wouldn’t have a problem doing that either. Maybe I’ll never go back on TV again. Maybe I’ll just do live events”

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There are many reasons why Jericho has been able to stay on top of the WWE ladder to the present day. He has consistently been able to improve, keep his character fresh, but his greatest quality has always been his enthusiasm to learn. Chris Jericho doesn’t need to wrestle another match in his life, but he didn’t stay with WWE for a year longer than anticipated because he needed to do so. He still likes performing and wrestling.

His comments about becoming a part-time performer only demonstrate why the WWE Universe appreciates his work as a wrestler. For Jericho, it seems that he genuinely wants to help the business, the company, and the next generation of younger wrestlers. Y2J’s contributions to WWE over the past year and a half are vast, and most fans recognize how important he’s been to the product and the company over the past two years.

Chris Jericho is everything a wrestling company should look for in a veteran. He made everyone around him better. He never had a problem putting someone over, and he became a top babyface and heel over his last run. The latter is a huge testament to his talent and rapport with the WWE fanbase. Jericho is one of the few guys that could get away with being a part-timer performer, but it’s another testament that he won’t do that.

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Not to mention, Chris Jericho only working house shows is a potentially brilliant idea to push ticket sales for WWE, especially considering how the company has been struggling with that issue for some time. Y2J only working WWE live events would make those shows must see, and it would take a lot of the pressure off him.

Jericho has always claimed that he’s not interested in a huge retirement match or angle to end his wrestling career. The truth is that the WWE Universe may have seen the swan song of Jericho. That may be or will be a bitter pill to swallow someday, but it makes sense that he would rather retire than become a part-time guy now that the fans know his feelings on it. The WWE Universe should appreciate Chris Jericho’s logic.

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