‘Big Brother 19’ Twist: Did Real ‘BB19’ Cast Information Finally Get Leaked, Why Is Jun Song Tricking Viewers?

A Big Brother 19 twist may have just been posted on social media. A Twitter account, created to provide spoilers about the show, may have just provided some key information about the BB19 cast. No, it wasn’t Michelle Meyer (Meech) and the “leaked” list of fake cast members that she shared earlier this week. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, that list was refuted by former houseguest Amanda Zuckerman, who was on the cast list but has plans to get married this summer.

So how do fans figure out which Big Brother 19 spoilers are correct and which ones are just rumors created on social media? It’s a difficult process, as the increased level of excitement and buzz about the BB19 cast has created a situation where viewers just want specific answers about how the summer 2017 installment will work. The first tip is that any cast list where former houseguests have their names misspelled is likely false. If the Big Brother rumors also seem too far-fetched, they likely aren’t real, as producers aren’t going to stray too far from the familiar formula.

Back to the potential Big Brother 19 twist, a new Twitter account has posted that this is going to be a “second chance” season and that the BB19 cast will be split evenly between new and former houseguests. If it turns out to be fake information, it wouldn’t be the first account or first person that has purposefully tried to deceive fans of the show. Former houseguest Jun Song did that on Thursday (June 1), when she posted that this is the last season of Big Brother for CBS. It’s not, as Big Brother 20 has already been pre-approved.

There is some information that viewers can bank on, though, and it is that the season premiere of Big Brother 19 is on June 28. This means that there is less than a month until the first two episodes will air on CBS. That first episode is going to be a two-hour event, likely covering what has taken place since the cast entered the BB19 house during the previous weekend. Producers and CBS will already have a lot of footage to work with and it’s also possible that some Big Brother 19 spoilers will have leaked to the net about what twists are in store for viewers.

Julie Chen is also back as the host of the reality competition show, making this the 20th season (including Big Brother: Over The Top) that she has played that role. Soon she will be revealing what the BB19 house looks like, presumably during an upcoming episode of The Talk. It will probably also include a tour of the BB19 house, giving fans their first glimpses of what the theme will be for this summer. This is typically how CBS does it each year, so it’s just about time for official information to come out about this installment.

There appears to be another Big Brother 19 twist coming in regard to the season finale. Typically it airs on the same night as the Survivor season premiere, but as reported in the article below, that’s not going to be the case this year. Does this project the Big Brother 2017 season will be a shorter one than in past years?

Though this can also be placed under the unconfirmed Big Brother 19 spoilers, it is very likely that Kathy Griffin won’t be coming back this season to joke around with Zingbot. Her recent appearance on social media and in the press has probably ruled out CBS wanting anything to do with her this summer. As for the rest of the twists and turns that are in store for viewers, within the next two weeks, the official BB19 cast should finally be revealed. That will lead to some interesting debates online and a final countdown until the Big Brother 19 season premiere on June 28.

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