Beyonce Pregnancy Sex: Jay Z Allegedly Obsessed With Wife’s New Curves As Couple Near Twins’ Birth

Beyonce being pregnant with twins has brought the couple a lot of joy for plenty of reasons, it seems.

Not only is the happy couple delighted to be welcoming two babies into the world, according to Hollywood Life, Beyonce rocking her killer pregnancy curves has Jay Z feeling all types of ways, with one source stressing that the music mogul is obsessed with his wife’s body.

Insiders claim that Beyonce has gained a significant amount of weight over the last couple of months, but Jay Z thinks it suits her so much better.

Beyonce is known to be rather slim and toned, especially since she’s very careful with the food that she eats and what it will take to lose the calories she consumes in a day. So to be pregnant and simply eat whatever she wants has been rather fun for the “Formation” singer.

And on top of that, her husband can’t seem to get enough of the newfound curves that Beyonce is now said to be sporting, with the insider joking when saying that if Jay Z could have his wife looking the way that she currently does for a lifetime, he would want to keep her pregnant all the time.

“Jay is ready to see his babies but he loves what twins have done for Beyonce’s body,” the source explains. “He is very turned on by the extra curves that the pregnancy has given her and he would like her to be pregnant for 20 months to enjoy her for much longer in the body she has right now.”

Being pregnant with twins has evidently been much harder on Beyonce than carrying one child, having struggled to deal with morning sickness and alleged back pain, so to have her husband gush over how much he’s loving her new curves and how supportive he’s been, she simply can’t ask for much more than that.

“To say Beyonce is flattered with the extra attention would be an understatement,” the source continued. “Jay Z is super excited about the twins on the way and he has cleared his busy calendar of any major meetings and events.”

Beyonce is just weeks away from giving birth, it’s been alleged, via The Sun, and everyone is eagerly waiting to see the arrival of the singer’s babies, with the likes of sister Solange having already cleared her schedule to support her sibling in Los Angeles, California.

Following the birth of her twins, Beyonce is expected to take a break for the remainder of the year before she starts working on new music in January.

Sources believe that the singer will want to release an album before she starts performing again. Right now, she’s only scheduled to headline next year’s Coachella festival, which she had to back out of in April due to doctor’s orders.

It’s further added that Beyonce is more than ready to give birth. As previously mentioned, being pregnant with twins has been exhausting for the singer — but it goes without saying that Beyonce is overly excited to finally meet her bundles of joy.

In March, reports mentioned that Jay Z has been extremely supportive of his wife’s pregnancy. Whatever Beyonce needed, she had right by her side. From odd cravings to a massage, Jay made himself available to each and every one of the “Single Ladies” star’s needs, while getting plenty of rest at her home in L.A.

From what’s been gathered, being pregnant with twins has been quite the journey for Beyonce — one she doesn’t seem to want to relive in the future. It would appear as if Beyonce was under the impression carrying twins was similar to being pregnant with one child.

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