#Covfefe Update, Is Sean Spicer Doubling Down, Saying ‘Covfefe’ Isn’t A Typo As Press Pool Laughs

After hours of good harmless ribbing based on what most assumed was a typo, albeit a strange one including the word “covfefe” by President Donald Trump, Trump posted a response on Twitter that made it seem like he got the joke, so people should move on. However, now Press Secretary Sean Spicer with a straight face is saying that Trump made no mistakes and that covfefe was not a typo because those in the know already know the real meaning of covfefe, which caused the White House press corps to burst into laughter.

The story started just after midnight last night when Donald Trump took to Twitter and posted a phrase which made little or no sense. “Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” was posted and then nothing more for six hours. Trump is a regular on Twitter, but this post had people on both sides of the fence stumped as to what he meant. Memes and other posts using the #covfefe took over Twitter between midnight and six a.m. EST, but deep down most people assumed that Trump meant negative press coverage rather than negative press covfefe. Early thing morning, Trump seemed to be in on the joke, posting the equivalent of “you’ve had your fun with the typo, but it’s over now.

“Who can figure out the true meaning of “covfefe”??? Enjoy!”

This was a new approach for Donald Trump, and even those who don’t support his policies were impressed that he didn’t go on a rant and got the joke. But all of that changed when Sean Spicer walked up to the podium in the White House press room doubling down on the whole #covfefe thing. #Covfefe was all but dead until Sean Spicer breathed new life into it suggesting that covfefe is a private matter and it’s a need to know basis kind of thing. For the record, Sean Spicer said that covfefe was not a misspelling and not a typo, as evidenced by a video.

“The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant.”

This caused the White House press corps to burst into laughter.

You don't know what you got till it's #Covfefe

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CNN‘s Chris Cillizza is still trying to make sense of Sean Spicer’s comments about #covfefe which caused the joke to continue. While the reaction to covfefe was mostly lighthearted, Sean Spicer’s reaction seems troublesome more than amusing and further convinces that press pool that Spicer is beyond a ride or die kind of press secretary.

“Yes, I know the fact that the president of the United States made a typo and then left it up on Twitter for more than 5 hours is not exactly the Cuban Missile Crisis. But, I argued earlier today that it was a telling window into this president’s isolation and his inability or unwillingness to take direction or even advice from any of his staff.”

Members of the press corps assumed that Spicer would make a comment that would finally put the stake in the heart of #covfefe, and suggested verbiage.

“The president made a typo. He meant to type ‘coverage.’ Raise your hand if you’ve never made a typo on Twitter.”

Anyone up for a game of bingo? #repealandreplacethegop #repealandreplacetrump #resisttrump #covfefe #trumpbingo

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Perhaps people in the press room at the White House can now ask follow-up questions like “who are the chosen few who know what the word covfefe means?” By making the comment that covfefe is a big secret will now cause #covfefegate to go on for hours if not days. Anyone who uses social media on a phone or a tablet has made a typo. It makes us human, so is Sean Spicer really not willing to admit that Trump doesn’t make mistakes, even in such a small stakes matter?


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The press wanted to know if Sean Spicer was concerned that Trump was posting nonsense terms on social media late at night without a checks and balances system in place, to which Spicer answered with one word “no.” Are those behind the scenes holding Spicer responsible for this most recent gaffe?

Do you think that the Trump #covfefe tweet would have died if Sean Spicer hadn’t said that those who need to know about covfefe already do?

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