Cop Trolls Slowpoke In Fast Lane, Pulls Car To Right And Speeds Off [Video]

A video of one cop’s creative solution to getting a slowpoke holding up the fast lane over to the right is going viral today.

We’ve all been in this situation. Some slowpoke takes the fast lane at a heart-pounding 40 mph and holds everyone up. They could drift behind a semi in the far right lane, but for some reason, they camp out in the passing lane and stress us out on our way to work.

We’ve learned over the past several weeks that cops aren’t all bad, and in fact, they can be pretty awesome. But cops earn a special place in our heart when they become total trolls.

Case in point, a video from 2011 has gone viral thanks to the efforts of Reddit, in which a police officer tails a Honda Civic right on its bumper as the two plod along in the fast lane. The cop is literally inches away from the Civic’s bumper, but whoever is driving it doesn’t seem to get the hint.

At that point, the police officer turns on its sirens, and the Civic quickly responds with its hazard lights. They two cars slowly make their way over to the right lane, where the cop turns off his siren and abruptly speeds off back to the passing lane.

You can watch the video of the cop trolling the fast lane slowpoke below, but we have to warn you, it is slightly NSFW due to language.

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