What Is Covfefe? After The President’s Strange Tweet, Theories Abound On What The Word Means

If ever there was a word that was going to break the internet, it’s the word “covfefe.” Tweeted by President Donald Trump in the early hours of the morning (though the tweet has since been deleted), the word has had people on social media going bonkers with theories on what the seemingly nonsense word could possibly mean (this, of course, was between the hilarious, and obligatory, Twitter commentary).

Of course, according to News.com.au, soon after he tweeted (and subsequently deleted) the “covfefe” tweet, Trump challenged his audience to find the true meaning of the word.

The outlet thought that this “challenge” was a demonstration of the president’s sense of humor (that he may, or may not, have).

“President Trump has proved he has not lost his sense of humour in office, challenging his audience to figure out what on earth ‘covfefe’ means after his tweet sparked an internet firestorm. ‘Who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe???’ Trump tweeted on Wednesday morning local time after his mystery tweet sent the internet into meltdown. It came after his earlier message sent just after midnight on Tuesday where the President tweeted: ‘Despite the constant negative press covfefe,’ in what was likely the beginning of a now-typical Twitter blast directed at the media.”

Of course, the criticisms came almost immediately. According to the Independent, “covfefe” is just a deliberately nonsense word that is meant to be a distraction from the real issues of the Trump administration. What’s more, the word is just really yet another sign of a deliberately inept administration.

Donald Trump broke the Internet when he Tweeted the word “covfefe.” [Image by Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images]

“The gaffe is a crystallisation of an embattled White House; one where everyone is so frantic and disorientated and struggling to keep it together that there isn’t even time to spot a moment in pop culture that is corroding what little remained of the US President’s integrity. It’s Sean Spicer hiding behind a bush. It’s staffers being advised to start “lawyering up”.”

The article also questions News.co.au’s assertion that Donald Trump has a sense of humor, because, simply put, he’s unable to take a joke, especially a joke at his own expense. Rather, he as a president and as a person is completely humorless, and he thrives solely on the attention and accolades, no matter the cost.

And according to USA Today, not even Merriam-Webster — the dictionary site that has thrown shade at the Trump administration since he took office — couldn’t figure out what “covfefe” means.

What does the word “Covfefe” really mean? [Image by Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images]

The outlet, however, has a few theories: “covfefe” could mean coffee, conference, coverage, and coveted.

Even the Oxford Dictionary — the British dictionary site — was at a loss for words as to what it could be.

But not even USA Today could pretend that the president was even somewhere close to intelligent with that tweet.

“But while we may forever wonder what the true meaning of covfefe is, the only man who can shed light on whether it was a typo or a new word, is staying silent. Hope you’ve had your #covfefe because it’s going to be a lonnnnng day.”

It can’t be a good thing when even George Takei — Mr. Sulu in Star Trek — makes fun of you (and justifiably so).

So, what do you think covfefe means? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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