‘Married At First Sight’ News: Did Tom And Lilly Call It Quits? [Updated]

Tom Wilson and Lillian Vilchez of Married at First Sight Season 4 seemed to be one of the few couples from the show that were going to last. They stayed together after the end of their season, and up until recently, fans had no reason to think that they weren’t the perfect couple. Now it sounds like these two are over with and moving on from each other. The Ashley’s Reality Roundup shared about the rumors that Tom and Lillian are over and what is going on with these two.

Tom and Lillian got married during Season 4 of Married at First Sight. The couple lives in Florida and has apparently filed for divorce. The court papers that Starcasm found showed a different last name for Lillian, so they were a bit confused on if this was really them or not. These papers were filed back on May 17. They reached out the couple and were able to get statements, but they don’t say a lot.

“We would appreciate for everyone to respect our privacy during this difficult time,” Lilly told Starcasm. “Tom and I are lucky enough to be able to remain best friends and love each other very much.” “Lilly and I will be making a statement soon,” Tom told them. It does sound like they are over but just aren’t ready to share the details about what happened just yet. Lilly made it clear that they are still friends, so there is no reason to think that they are still working on their marriage.

This means that none of the couples from Season 4 of Married at First Sight are still married. Sonia Granados and Nick Pendergrast announced their divorce back in March. The other couple on their season didn’t even make it at all after the show ended. The only season of Married at First Sight that any of the couples are still together from is the very first one. Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner are still married and expecting their first child. Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion are still married as well. Both of these couples have been married for three years and seem to be doing great.

Lillian and Tom both seem to have moved on just fine, but they aren’t really sharing what happened. It has been several weeks since they have posted anything together on social networks. Their marriage did last a while, but it is now over. The fans want to hear what is going on.

Lillian Vilchez has been on her Twitter account today and retweeting what fans have to say. They are lending her support, but so far she isn’t speaking out about what is going on at all. The fans are hoping to hear her side of this all very soon. They are probably waiting to issue an actual statement together that the network approves.

Right now, you can watch three other couples on Married at First Sight Season 5. At this time, all three of them are still married on the show, but they haven’t been able to confirm if they are still together or not. The fans are going to have to wait until MAFS Season 5 is over to get an update on these couples. It will be interesting to see if the show has any success stories this season. If everyone continues to split, it would be shocking if the show continues.

Are you shocked to hear that Tom Wilson and Lillian Vilchez have split? Did you feel like this couple would make it? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Married at First Sight on Lifetime. This season has only been going on a few weeks so far.

Update: People shared today that the couple did confirm their divorce and put out a statement. The couple said, “After much thought and reflection, and after being married for over a year, we have decided to file for a divorce. This was not an easy decision for either of us because we do love each other very much but sometimes God has other plans. This is the route we have decided to take, and all we request is that you respect our privacy in this delicate matter. Divorce is never easy for anyone, especially not such a public one.”

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