T.I. & Tiny: Tiny Harris Dissed By Bernice Burgos As T.I. Reveals The Truth About Divorce

Emily Hutchinson

T.I. and Tiny Harris's marriage drama is continuing amid reports the rapper's new girlfriend Bernice Burgos is seriously dissing Tiny.

According to reports, Tiny (Tameka Cottle) and Bernice's nasty feud is still alive and well after insiders revealed that the Instagram model slammed T.I.'s (Tip) former wife and claimed that she believes she's better suited to the "Live Your Life" rapper.

"Bernice knows she's a way better fit for Tip that Tiny, she's hotter, funnier, smarter, and way sexier, so she doesn't get why he's still tip toeing around," a source alleged to Hollywood Life of Burgos' latest diss amid her and Harris's nasty feud.

The insider also went on to claim that Burgos has been doing all she can to make T.I. jealous as his and Tiny's marriage drama plays out on the couple's VH1 reality show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.

"She's just getting on with her life," a source said of Bernice, claiming that Burgos has been "living it up" and aiming to "drive T.I. crazy" while he's out on tour while clapping back at his wife of almost seven years.

Bernice's latest diss amid her and Tiny's feud comes after the former couple confirmed that their divorce would be going ahead in a sneak peek from their show where the rapper revealed the real reason for their split after seven years of marriage.

T.I. claimed that he and Tiny – who first started dating in 2000 – had outgrown each other and become different people over the past 17 years.

"A part of me is happy to close this chapter, simply because I feel we outgrew each other," T.I. said on T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle. "I feel she grew in a different direction, you know, and I did too."

Both Tiny and T.I. also accused each other of infidelity in a new clip from their reality show.

Harris claimed that her estranged husband slept with Burgos while they were still married, something both have denied, while TIP accused the Xscape singer of cheating with Floyd Mayweather, though she too denied the accusations.

But while both T.I. and Bernice have denied that their relationship blossomed while things were still good between the rapper and Tiny, there's no denying that the Harris and the model haven't exactly made a secret of their feud across social media.

Bossip reported earlier this year that Bernice and Tiny majorly dissed each other on Instagram after it was reported that T.I. and Burgos were spotted getting close.

Bernice posted a video to social media of herself singing along to a song by Tiny's band Xscape in April, to which Harris scathingly clapped back by slamming T.I.'s new girl in the comments section of her video.

"Funny… that man [you're] speaking of was laid up with his wife last night," Tiny responded, seemingly referring to T.I., even going as far as to call Burgos her "fan" for singing along to her music.

Bernice told Tiny to "grow up" in a reply, adding, "If [you're] so laid up with him then why [are you] so pressed about me?"

It was also claimed that Tiny allegedly then accused Bernice of "ruining" her and T.I.'s marriage after Burgos called the rapper at home earlier this month and Harris answered the call.

"Tiny went in," a source alleged of the phone call. "She was yelling and screaming louder than and fire truck in traffic. She basically told Bernice she's the cause of ruining her marriage and her life."

The latest allegations of drama came shortly after it was alleged that Tiny flipped out on her estranged husband after T.I. reportedly presented their son Major with gifts from Bernice as he and Harris celebrated their son's birthday together.

What do you think of Bernice Burgos' latest diss aimed at Tiny Harris over T.I.?

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