Selena Gomez Shares Why She Can't Wait For '13 Reasons Why' Season 2

If you can't wait for 13 Reasons Why Season 2, you're not alone. Despite the show not even started filming for its second season, singer and producer Selena Gomez has shared her excitement. The writers are currently working on the plotline for the season, with plans for filming very soon.

While sharing her excitement for the upcoming season, Gomez also shared a few details. The infamous tapes used throughout 13 Reasons Why Season 1 will not make an appearance in the second season. This is likely due to the new narrator and main character. This new narrator will opt for a different method to get the information out to those that contributed to actions.

Annoyed about the unanswered questions from the first season? There's no need to worry, as Gomez also shared that the second season will delve into them. That means the narrator of the second season is likely connected to the first season in some way.

The singer and actress explained that the second season would focus more on the characters from the first season. The story delves into the experiences that the characters have been through and those feelings and experiences they are still to have.

Gomez is not the only person to give away some of the details for 13 Reasons Why Season 2. Showrunner Brian Yorkey previously shared that there were two ideas for a second season. According to Cosmopolitan, Yorkey shared that there could have been a new set of characters for 13 Reasons Why Season 2. The show was going to become an anthology, similar to American Horror Story.

Rather than continue the story of Hannah and the teens around her, the next season was originally going to about another set of teenagers entirely. This is because the first season told the full store set in the book by Jay Asher the show was adapted from. It is possible that the show would have done something similar to American Horror Story, where the same actors appear, but they play different characters.

However, Yorkey wanted to also explore the aftermath of the tapes. The teenagers in the first season had been through major traumatic experiences. Rather than just finish, he noticed there were more stories to tell. He pitched the idea of moving forward to show complete aftermath to Netflix, which decided to continue with this storyline after all.

The idea of moving forward with the same characters came during the middle of the first season. Yorkey knew that there was more depth needed.

13 Reasons Why Season 2 will focus more on Jessica's storyline. Jessica has been through her own traumatic experience, with her rapist still not being brought to justice. The show will focus on that element while answering some of the questions from the first season. Fans will follow Jessica as she learns to cope with her ordeal after returning to school.

Gomez says that the writers are working extremely hard to bring this story together. They want to make it believable, drawing into the pain, fear, and all other feelings Jessica will have after such an ordeal, especially with her rapist still out there. Gomez is extremely excited to see how the season will come together during filming.

Nobody quite expected Netflix's original show to take off in the way it did, according to Cosmopolitan. There were certainly complicated moments, but the audience was drawn into the lives of these teenagers. People were drawn to Hannah and her story. Gomez is even more excited for the second season because of this.

13 Reasons Why Season 1 is still available on Netflix. The second season hasn't started filming yet, but Gomez certainly can't wait.

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