November 14, 2017
Emily Drouet: 18-Year-Old Commits Suicide To Escape Boyfriend's Alleged Abuse

Relatives say Emily Drouet, an 18-year-old college student in Glasgow, Scotland, committed suicide last year after being physically and verbally abused by her boyfriend, Angus Milligan. According to Sky News, her parents, Fiona and Germain Drouet, recently released a photo of Emily with a swollen and battered face that she took just days before taking her own life.

On March 18, 2016, Emily committed suicide in her dormitory after suffering from domestic violence. Police officials investigated the teen's death, but it was reported that "there were no suspicious circumstances."

It was later uncovered that Emily took a selfie just days before her suicide and sent it to a friend. The picture shows a swollen red mark on her cheek. Apparently, Milligan would often slap Emily whenever he thought she was lying, and he would encourage her to sleep with other men.

Fiona stated that she noticed her daughter would appear nervous around her boyfriend when he would spend the night at their home, and she would respond to her parents with one word. It was alleged that Milligan would often send Emily complimentary text messages, but they were followed by "vicious tirades against her."

When Fiona saw the picture of Emily's battered and swollen face, she said, "I want to jump inside the picture and cuddle her. I want to tell her that she could have spoken to me that she could have asked for help. We would have been there."

Emily's mother blames her daughter's boyfriend for her suicide, stating that "he's evil to the core. We want to make sure he doesn't damage our family any more than he already has, but he's taken our daughter. He destroyed our daughter."

"If she had never met Angus Milligan, she would be alive today," said Fiona.

"Emily was naive, she was innocent. She saw the world through good eyes. She was fun-loving, kind and smart and she never saw how beautiful she was, on the inside or the outside."

"She was a virgin when she went to the university and I'm proud to say that. Within six months that man destroyed our daughter and wrecked our lives. He's just complete evil."

Although Fiona believes that Milligan's abusive ways led to her daughter's suicide, she stated that Emily's school could have done something. "We're shocked," said Fiona. "Why, when the university experienced him screaming and shouting abuse at Emily - as far as we're aware that was the first incident."
"They just told him to shut up, sent him back to his room, sent Emily to her room without any concern for her care… after she'd just been verbally abused in a really aggressive way, so aggressive that the whole halls heard it. Why we were not informed because that was her in a vulnerable position. A crime had been committed, and we weren't told. We're her next of kin and she'd just turned 18."
Emily would have turned 19 this weekend, and her friends made plans to attend several venues in Aberdeen, as well as the teen's favorite nightclub, in an effort to keep her alive.

In a Facebook post, Emily's grandmother wrote, "Emily is my beautiful, caring, very special granddaughter. Thank you, Blake, you put into words everything in my heart. Emily brought so much joy to our family. Her sunny smile and lovely personality are so missed. Emily is loved so much and forever in our hearts. Love you, Gran."

Last week, Milligan pleaded "guilty to assault, threatening and abusing her. Using abusive and offensive language and sending offensive, indecent, obscene and menacing texts," which reportedly led to Emily's suicide.

Milligan will be sentenced on July 5.

[Featured Image by Emily Drouet/Facebook]