‘GTA Online’ Bonuses: Double GTA$, RP & Discounts While Waiting For Gunrunning DLC

As if waiting for the highly anticipated GTA Online Gunrunning DLC isn’t exciting enough, Rockstar Games just made the wait even more thrilling for gamers. Starting Sunday, May 28, players of the open world online multiplayer action-adventure game can earn double RP and GTA$ by playing various Special Vehicle Missions.

And the good news is that the double GTA$ and RP bonus runs for two weeks starting May 28 until June 12, 2017, according to VG247. In addition, players may purchase big ticket items at great discounts from merchants across Los Santos. Items necessary for running a successful high-profile criminal enterprise such as Executive Offices, Special Vehicles, and even luxury Yachts are on sale at Ammu-Nation, Elitas, DockTease, Dynasty 8 Executive, and Warstock in a time-limited deal.

Dynasty 8 Executive Discounts

In GTA Online, running one’s organization in style requires some big-ticket expenditures like a presentable headquarters. But with the latest discounts from Dynasty 8, upgrading one’s office is now made more affordable.

The Executive Offices, which include a helipad, boardroom, SecuroServ network access, a full-time assistant, and cargo missions may now be purchased at a discount of 25 percent. The Executive Office Garages & Garage Mod Shop also has a 25 percent discount while the Executive Office Renovations, which also includes the Garage Mod Shop, may be availed at 50 percent off.

gta online yachts are now discounted

Discounts From DockTease

For the ultimate statement of success, nothing says it better than owning one’s own luxury yacht. And that also applies to GTA Online world. Fortunately, owning these status symbols doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

DockTease is selling all yacht models and model upgrades with 25 percent discount. Yachts are sold as a complete package with anti-air defense which could come in handy, a complete staff, and watercraft. Helicopter service to and from the yacht has an added fee. Meanwhile, all yacht modifications are priced 50 percent off.

Warstock Cache & Carry Discounts

Running an operation in GTA Online is tough. But thanks to armed, armored and Special Vehicles protecting one’s turf and keeping enemies at bay can be more manageable.

Warstock Cache & Carry is offering a 25 percent discount for some of the vehicles in its inventory. These include the Imponte Ruiner 2000, Coil Rocket Voltic, Rhino Tank, HVY Insurgent Pick-Up, Buckingham Valkyrie, and Brute Armored Boxville. The 25 percent discount applies to both Trade Price and Buy It Now price of the vehicles.

Elitas Travel Discounts

Traveling in gold-plated aircraft has become the norm among GTA Online bosses. Thankfully, acquiring these shiny toys just got cheaper with the time-limited discounts being offered by Elitas Travel.

Luxor Deluxe, the eye-catching golden private jet of choice in the game now sells at 50 percent discount. Meanwhile, the Swift Deluxe, the gold-plated luxury chopper, likewise sells for 50 percent off.

gta online ammunition are selling at a lower price

Ammu-Nation Discounts

In this line of business, it is probably best to be ready at all times. This means one should keep a decent stockpile of ammunition, magazines, and body armor just in case. But with the sale in Ammu-Nation, keeping locked and loaded is well within budget.

For instance, all ammunitions, as well as body armor, are given a 25 percent discount. Meanwhile, box, drum magazines, and luxury finishes are discounted 50 percent.

Featured Events

Meanwhile, players can take advantage of the bonuses given by joining GTA Online‘s featured events. “Ascent,” the featured Premium Special Vehicle Race, runs from May 30 to June 5, while the featured Time Trial for the same period is “Observatory.”

The featured events is a great way to earn additional GTA$, the in-game currency, as well as RP. Loads of payouts await the top three finishers of the “Ascent,” while even just trying it out gives triple RP.

Meanwhile, the wait continues for the highly anticipated GTA Online Gunrunning DLC. Players are particularly excited for the upcoming DLC as it will introduce a new illegal activity that they can get their hands into – arms trafficking.

At the moment, no official release date has been announced for the Gunrunning DLC. However, most gamers expect the new content to arrive by June. Stay tuned for updates.

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]