Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Put Divorce Behind Them: Actress Wants New Beginning Amid Custody Arrangement

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are actively working on being the best when it comes to co-parenting their six children together, it’s been revealed.

While it initially seemed as if Angelina Jolie was going to fight for full custody, having given the public the impression that Pitt was incapable of caring for his kids, it was later mentioned that the A-list star had been battling an ongoing addiction to alcohol.

As revealed in his interview with GQ, alcohol definitely played a significant part when it came to the downfall of Brad’s marriage to Angelina Jolie, revealing that the amount of liquor he would drink had worsened over the years, to the point where Jolie subsequently wanted out.

Now that Angelina Jolie is moving on with her life, she’s said to be open to the idea of having Brad share joint custody with her, especially now that she knows that her estranged husband is sober and continues to see a therapist to keep him on the right track.

With the way things have been going between Angelina Jolie and Pitt, one would almost think that they are getting back together, but not so fast, a source says. Right now, the duo are just working on being better friends first — especially after all the scandals they found themselves in with the press.

Earlier this month, it was reported, via Vanity Fair, that Angelina Jolie had purchased a home in Los Feliz, California, where the children have spent the majority of their lives. Brad’s home is said to be just down the street, meaning that once Angelina moves in, the kids won’t have it far off to see their father whenever they want.

To Angelina Jolie, it seemed ideal to live close to Brad — not only because she’s more open to the idea of settling for joint custody but also because the family have lived in Los Feliz for as long as they can remember. It’s what the kids consider their home, so there was no reason for Angelina to move anywhere else.

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“Angie is hoping to use moving to the new home as a fresh start, for her and the kids, and for her and Brad,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“She’s really hoping they can try and put the drama of the past months behind them and start a new chapter on better terms — and as co-parents to the kids. Angelina knows that, at the end of the day, the most important thing is the children and their welfare.”

It took some time for the duo to get to a better place, but now that the dust has settled, Angelina Jolie knows where she stands with Pitt, and one of the main reasons why she has been so open to the idea of co-parenting with him is because she’s seen the change in him.

Brad made it no secret that he wasn’t the best husband during the time he was addicted to alcohol. It worsened over time, and by September, it seemed as if Angelina Jolie had reached her breaking point and considered the situation no longer safe for her children to be around — the environment was nothing from what Angelina wanted for the youngsters.

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Now, it goes without saying that with Angelina Jolie living so close to Brad, and the supposed fact that they are on good terms again, she could potentially reconsider the idea of reconciling with Pitt, but as one source put it, it’s way too early to make those kinds of assumptions.

“In a perfect world, the kids would absolutely love it if mom and dad lived next door to each other,” a source continued to explain. “That’s what they’ve been asking for… [They] seem to think if mom and dad live next door to each other, there will be a greater chance for them reconciling.”

Are you happy to see Angelina Jolie and Brad being on good terms again?

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