May 26, 2017
World War 3: Seattle Officials Concerned And Ready To Plan For Possible North Korea Nuclear Attack

In the latest World War 3 news, North Korea allegedly now has working missiles they aim to mass produce, and with Seattle the closest major U.S. city to Pyongyang, officials are worried about a possible nuclear attack in the future. As a result, they would like to prepare the city as much as possible in the event that North Korea decides to launch their new missiles in the direction of the Emerald City.

As the Inquisitr recently reported, Seattle is thought to be a major North Korean missile target due to its close proximity to the Trident Submarine base, Boeing, and the joint base, Lewis–McChord. The naval base in Kitsap also allegedly contains 1,300 nuclear warheads, which makes it one of the biggest stockpiles of nuclear weapons anywhere in the world. Former CIA head General Michael Hayden has already asserted that he believes North Korea will have nuclear missiles capable of striking Seattle within the next several years, an act which could very easily lead to World War 3.

What is most worrying to people right now is that North Korea finally appears to have working missiles. In North Korea's latest missile test, the Pentagon was able to confirm that the missile was found to have shot up 1,000 feet higher than the International Space Station, as Fox News reported. Afterward, the missile came down 60 miles away from Russia after having re-entered the Earth's atmosphere.

Seattle officials aim to prepare for a possible nuclear attack from North Korea to avert World War 3.
Seattle officials aim to prepare for a possible nuclear attack from North Korea to avert World War 3. [Image by Dan Callister/Getty Images]

Previously, the prospect of World War 3 hadn't been taken too seriously with North Korea not demonstrating that their country had real, working missiles. Now, however, one United States official spoke to Fox News and called North Korea's latest test a "big step forward" for the country's growing nuclear missile program.

Government officials in Hawaii, the closest state to North Korea, are taking nuclear threats very seriously now and are trying to decide how best to tackle response plans for a nuclear attack. But Seattle is having some difficulties with this currently as the city is allegedly unable to do anything practical to prepare for any sort of emergency nuclear attack.

This is because while the State of Washington is legally allowed to have disaster plans for any conceivable scenario that you could possibly imagine, there is a law against preparing for a nuclear attack. This could conceivably leave Seattle open to a nuclear attack from North Korea, which in turn could start World War 3.

A Washington state law, RCW 38.52.030, passed in 1983, reads, "The comprehensive, all-hazard emergency plan authorized under this subsection may not include preparation for emergency evacuation or relocation of residents in anticipation of nuclear attack."

Washington Senator Mark Miloscia believes that current laws preventing Seattle and the State of Washington from developing contingency plans to prepare for a nuclear attack are extremely dangerous.
"I think it's ridiculous and silly. And sort of the head-in-the-sand mentality. If it has a probability of happening, prepare for it."
With more than a few in Seattle concerned with a missile attack from North Korea or even World War 3 as the worst case scenario, the top emergency planner for Washington State, Robert Ezelle, who is the director of the Washington Military Department of Emergency Management, has admitted that Seattle has no plans whatsoever for a nuclear attack, but this fact doesn't seem to bother him.
"We do not have a specific plan for a nuclear attack. Nor do we have a specific plan for a volcano or a number of types of hazards that you can name."
[Image by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images]

In keeping with those who agree that Seattle should be kept safe from North Korea's missiles, the director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University, Irwin Redlener, takes issue with Robert Ezelle's statement that there are no plans in place for a nuclear attack and that it doesn't matter, especially when dealing with North Korea and a possible trigger for World War 3.

"I think that needs to be in its own category of planning because the situation for fallout and radiation and long-term contamination of areas."
As most experts appear to agree that it will take another three years for North Korea to be able to attack the West Coast of the United States with their missiles, there is a new bill in Washington which will probably pass next year that would scrap current regulations which ban planning for a nuclear attack.

Are you at all concerned about World War 3 and do you think Seattle should have plans in place in case of a nuclear attack from North Korea or elsewhere?

[Featured Image by Robert Sumner/Getty Images]