World War 3: Doomsday Clock Moved Forward, Seattle Cited As Major North Korean Missile Target

With fears of World War 3 looming in the minds of many, the Doomsday Clock has been pushed forward as the United States stands in the middle of tensions with North Korea and Seattle has now been cited as a major target for when North Korea has working missiles.

President Trump has warned that a “major, major conflict” with North Korea was certainly likely and when he was asked whether the United States would be using a show of force to get North Korea to stop their nuclear program and missile tests, his cryptic reply on Face the Nation was simply, “We’ll see.”

One traditional indicator of how close we are to World War 3 is the Doomsday Clock, a device which was built by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists back in 1947 to show what level of threat the world is at with regard to being annihilated by nuclear weapons. This clock is currently hanging in Chicago and has been bumped forward 30 seconds now and stands at two and a half minutes to midnight. This may be worrisome to people as it hasn’t been this close to Doomsday since 1953, which is when the Soviet Union and the United States were busy testing hydrogen bombs, as NBC’s 9News note.

In World War 3 news, Seattle has been cited as a major target for North Korean missiles. [Image by Dan Callister/Getty Images]

Now Stephen Hawking has an urgent message for humankind, suggesting that the Doomsday Clock no longer has 1,000 left on it. It is Hawking’s assertion that humans now have just 100 years left to escape their imminent demise either through World War 3 or some other catastrophe, as Palm Beach News reports. Stephen Hawking believes that the only way for mankind to survive now is to colonize other planets such as Mars. Besides destruction by World War 3, which could very well be close now through the actions of North Korea and other countries, Hawking lists asteroid strikes, population growth and climate change as other ways in which planet Earth may not survive for much longer.

Even though North Korea currently has no working missiles, with continued tests they will eventually be able to reach the mainland United States. The West Coast is uneasy about this, and Seattle in particular. Gen. Michael Hayden, who is the former head of the CIA, believes that North Korea will almost certainly have working missiles which will be able to hit Seattle by the time President Trump’s first term is finished. If they do, this could very feasibly start World War 3. The President of the National Bureau of Asian Research, Richard Ellings, believes that Seattle would be a prime target for North Korea, as Q13 Fox report.

“There are missiles that are under development that will certainly be able to hit the West Coast and especially Seattle, which is an ultimate target. We are the ultimate target to hold hostage, from a North Korean perspective.”

The reason Seattle is given as a North Korean missile target is multifold and includes its close proximity to the joint base Lewis-McChord, its Trident submarine base and Boeing. And given that it is also a major population center, many of Seattle’s citizens are on edge for fear of World War 3 with North Korea. Even Washington’s former Senator Slade Gorton agrees that action must be taken to stop North Korea from developing their nuclear program and missiles.

“As long as no one takes any action with North Korea, it will keep making itself more and more dangerous to us and everyone else in the world. North Korea is the single greatest challenge the United States faces today with respect to its own security. Bluntly, the United States today faces just one of two stark choices: Quit, effectively surrender, or take them out.”

An anti-North Korea rally in South Korea on January 7, 2016. [Image by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]

After reading Michael Hayden’s comments about Seattle being a possible target for a North Korea attack, Ann Coulter faced the wrath of many when she declared that Seattle is simply not a city worth saving, as Q13 Fox reported.

“Gen. Michael Hayden: N Korea will make nuke capable of hitting Seattle! Situation will be dire as soon as they can hit a city worth saving.”

Are you concerned that the Doomsday Clock has been moved forward and do you think North Korea will try to use a missile to strike Seattle and bring about World War 3 if they are not stopped?

[Featured Image by Dan Callister/Getty Images]

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