‘This Is Us’ Season 2: ‘Spoilers’ Cast Leaked Are Fake? Stars Reunited For Red Nose Day Special

This Is Us Season 2 spoilers are scarce these days, leaving the cast of NBC’s breakout hit series to make up some allegedly fake details about the show on Red Nose Day.

The cast of This Is Us reunited for an interesting Red Nose Day special where they “accidentally” reveal a number of juicy details for the upcoming new season of the show. In the beginning of the clip, stars of the NBC drama-comedy show started to promote the series in such a way that would definitely pique one’s curiosity, per Entertainment Tonight.

“You guys are going to love season two, like, the scripts are so good,” Chrissy Metz told the audience before Justin Hartley “accidentally” revealed some This Is Us Season 2 spoilers.

“Like in episode two, I like it when we find out that Rebecca has a long lost brother. That’s a good episode!” says Hartley before backtracking on his word.

“I never should have said that. Crap, this is going to be so hard.”

Catching up on the fun, Metz then chimed in her own version of a spoiler for the show by “unwittingly” revealing that Kate, her character in the show, will begin dating NBA player Dennis Rodman before feigning shock at how she “slipped up.”

“It’s not Dennis Rodman, it’s actually … Dennis Quaid,” she added.

“I mean, his name is not even Dennis, like another guy.”

Because the situation seemed to be becoming unsafe, Sterling K. Brown took over and told his co-stars that he will be able handle the special without revealing any more of the supposed This Is Us Season 2 spoilers.

“A lot of kids out there aren’t as lucky as my character, Randall, who finds out that his biological father [William] is not only still alive, but is actually his older brother,” he said, before faking realization that he actually gave away an important twist in the story.

Meanwhile, Susan Kelechi Watson tries to stir her co-stars in the right direction by asking viewers to donate to Red Nose Day before Milo Ventimiglia dropped another one of their fake This Is Us Season 2 spoilers—this time about his own character, Jack who supposedly would donate his kidney in episode five.

Of course, the outlet noted that the said twists in the sketch “likely won’t happen” although some of them seem to be plausible if only because of the explosive revelation of the storyline in Season 1.

Aside from that, Mandy Moore told the outlet on Wednesday that writers of the show haven’t even started penning Season 2 yet.

Fake This Is Us Season 2 spoilers aside, Moore who plays Rebecca Pearson in the series told ET that viewers of the show will definitely be satisfied with the upcoming continuation of the show which will answer some of their questions from Season 1 based on what she knows about the direction the show is taking.

“I think people will have some questions answered that they’ve been dying to know,” the 33-year-old actress told the outlet at the 38th College Television Awards in North Hollywood, California.

“I know people were sort of hungry for answers at the end of the [first] season, and I think the writers are heading that call to sort of give people what they want.”

Of course, fans would have new questions that need to be answered by the time the first couple of Season 2 episodes are aired.

“I think initially in like the first couple episodes, I’ve been told that people’s curiosity will be piqued.”

For those of you who have no idea about the show, This Is Us is a story about a couple played by Moore and Ventimiglia who adopted a baby after losing one of their triplets at birth. According to Glamour, the show takes on an interesting turn as viewers were let in on a secret: Moore and Ventimiglia’s side of the story takes place 36 years in the past.

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