‘Alaskan Bush People’ Ami Brown Is ‘Sick,’ According To Husband Billy Brown

There have been many rumors regarding the health of Ami Brown of Alaskan Bush People. The possibility of a cancer diagnosis has been in the headlines for a while. Although Billy and Ami Brown have not confirmed the diagnosis, her estranged brother, Les Branson, claims to have been told by friends that his sister is receiving cancer treatments in Los Angeles.

While Billy isn’t specific regarding his wife’s health, he has spoken out. In a promo video for the upcoming Season 7 of Alaskan Bush People, the family patriarch says Ami is “sick.” Billy Brown goes on to say that with her being ill, everything is different now. They are leaving Alaska so that she can get the medical care she needs.

Ami Brown had shared with Radar Online that she suffers from cervical radiculitis, which is a form of nerve damage. The 53-year-old mother of seven has also had dental issues through the years on Alaskan Bush People.

As fans of Alaskan Bush People will remember, 64-year-old Billy Brown has his own medical problems. He suffers from seizures, and in 2015, he was admitted to a Seattle hospital for treatment.

The Discovery Channel reality show has seen its share of controversy over the years. There have been many claims of the show being scripted and the family of Alaskan Bush People being fake. While social media posts show that some viewers believe those rumors, there are just as many fans who defend Alaskan Bush People and the Brown family.

Again, drama surrounded the beloved Brown family when Ami’s estranged family accused Billy of controlling her. Ami Brown’s brother, Les Branson, and mother, 84-year-old Earlene Branson, even say that Billy Brown is responsible for ending their relationship with her many years ago. Ami and Billy Brown have publically said that the claims of Ami’s family are untrue, and she has made the decision on her own not to continue a relationship with them.

With Billy Brown using the promo video for Season 7 to say that Ami Brown is sick, it isn’t a stretch to think that fans will see the story unfold before the cameras of Alaskan Bush People. As was previously announced, this will be the final season of the popular reality show. The Brown family has shared so much with fans through the first six seasons. Showing the reasons they are leaving Alaska would be a definitive end to a successful show for the Brown family.

The season premiere of Alaskan Bush People is June 14 on the Discovery Channel. Fans were already voicing excitement on social media over the romances of both Bam Bam and Noah Brown. Bam Bam is dating Alison Kagan, a producer on the show and younger brother Noah is courting Rhain Alicia.

With the health issues of the family patriarch and matriarch, it is time for a major lifestyle change for the Wolf Pack. Whether a friend or a foe to the Alaskan Bush People, we can all appreciate the need for consistent medical care for our loved ones, no matter what the sacrifice. With how close the Brown family is, it is no surprise that the show is entering the final season rather than continue on with Ami and Billy Brown in the lower 48.

As the Brown family, Alaskan Bush People, and the Discovery Channel release information regarding Ami Brown’s health, we will keep you updated. Check back with Inquistr for updates.

Do you think Ami Brown may have received a diagnosis of cancer? Could her brother be right that she is currently being treated in Los Angeles? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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