David Ross’ Children Hilariously Praise 2nd Place DWTS Finish, ‘That’s Not The Best, But It’s Really Good.’.”

From winning a World Series with the Chicago Cubs to dancing his way into the hearts of millions in the DWTS ballroom — it has definitely been a whirlwind year for David Ross.

So though he didn’t win the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy on this season of Dancing With the Stars, former Chicago Cubs star David Ross finished a close second thanks to millions of votes from dedicated Cubs fans across the country.

Unlike his huge Cub fanbase, Ross’ children were a tad more critical of their dad’s second place finish. During an early appearance on Good Morning America, Grandpa Rossy sat down for an interview alongside Mirror Ball Trophy winner Rashad Jennings and third place runner-up Normani Kordei to talk about their journeys on the show.

But the best part of the segment came when Ross received a surprise video message from his son Cole, who happened to be brutally honest about his dad’s 2nd place finish.

“Hey Dad. You didn’t win but you did really good. You made it to the finals. That’s not the best, but it’s really good.”

David’s daughter, Landri, also chimed in with a slightly sweeter message for dad.

“I love you. I’m so proud of you. You definitely worked your hardest and I’m so proud of you for coming in second place.”

In fact, his daughter Landri has been Ross’ biggest supporter throughout the entire dancing competition. Ross confessed to Us Weekly, that the 9-year-old was planning David’s victory from the very beginning, even clearing space in her room for the Mirror Ball Trophy.

“She called me the other day, we were FaceTiming and she said, ‘Dad, just P.S., if you happen to win, it’s going in my room.”

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Throughout his baseball career and stint on Dancing With the Stars, David has made one thing perfectly clear — family comes first. The travel and lifestyle of being a ballplayer wore on Ross over the years and last year he told MLB.com that thing he was looking forward to the most in his retirement from professional baseball was spending more time with his wife and children.

“You feel that time is passing you by. Being a dad is important to me. We have priorities in life, and the older I get, it’s time for my family to be top priority…. I love this game, but I love my family way more.”

Even the school carpool is a dream come true for Ross!

“One of my favorite things to do is take them to school — I love dropoff and pickup. In the offseason, I drop them off, go work out, have lunch with my wife [Hyla], and go pick them up. I’ve got a good little routine in the offseason.”

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Now with 15 seasons of Major League baseball under his belt, two World Series Championships as well as his dancing stint on ABC, Ross looks forward to the next chapter of his career — which is not surprisingly in baseball.

The former Cubs catcher and fan-favorite has earned himself a new role within the Chicago Cubs organization — Special Assistant to Baseball Operations. So even though fans will certainly miss seeing him every week in the ballroom, they will welcome him back to the ballpark with open arms.

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