‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14 Spoilers: Maggie And Jackson Get Together, Megan Causes Chaos, & Jo’s Hubby Arrives

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 spoilers tease moments are on the way between Owen Hunt and Nathan Riggs. Maggie and Jackson get together, killing any hope the viewers had for April and Jackson to get back together. Jo’s husband, Dr. Stadler, comes to the hospital, which sends her into complete panic mode.

Maggie And Jackson Get Together

At the end of Season 13 Episode 24, April encouraged Maggie to tell Jackson that she likes him. She revealed a shocker — Jackson has feelings for Maggie. Grey’s Anatomy fans were crushed because they have been holding on to the notion that April and Jackson would get back together. It’s not looking good for the Japril fans.

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers suggest that if Maggie and Jackson do reach couple status, their journey will not be easy. Their relationship would be complicated and not without drama. According to Pop Sugar, Jackson may be the perfect guy for Maggie. Over the past few seasons, Grey’s Anatomy fans have seen Maggie get hurt over and over, so maybe Jackson will turn her luck around. Then again, Jackson could decide after dating Maggie that he loves April and wants to be with her.

Megan Causes Chaos

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers reveal that Megan’s arrival causes chaos for Owen and Riggs. Nathan and Meredith were on their way to a beautiful relationship. Finally, after many months, Meredith agreed to “date” him. Then, when things were going well and Maggie had accepted their relationship, Megan rolls back into Riggs’ life. Nathan asked Meredith to give him time to see where things go with Megan. While Meredith is happy for Riggs, she cannot help but feel jealous that he got his love back, and Derek is still gone.

Will Owen and Amelia get back together? [Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]

Owen seems to be hanging on by a tiny little thread. He feels responsible for leaving his sister alive to fend for herself for nearly a decade. Amelia has tried to take care of her husband and speak for him, but it’s clear that his mental health is slipping quickly. Will Owen’s PTSD return?

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers suggest that Megan may not even remember Owen or Riggs. Her health may not be in the best place, so a romance with Riggs may be the last thing on her mind. Then, there’s the little issue that Nathan cheated on her before she disappeared. I am sure that will factor in Megan’s storyline somehow.

Jo’s Husband Sends Her In Panic Mode

For the past two seasons, Grey’s Anatomy has drilled into the viewers’ minds that Jo’s husband, Dr. Paul Stadler is a crazy and abusive man. According to TV Line, Jo told Alex that he abused her and that’s why she changed her name and can’t file for divorce. If she submits legal documents, such as a divorce, he would know her address and could come looking for her.

Alex worried about her and wanted to protect her from her estranged husband. Grey’s Anatomy spoilers indicated that Alex went to a medical conference with the plan to get Jo’s husband to sign divorce papers. Alex decided not to hand the divorce papers to Dr. Stadler after imaging all the possible scenarios that could happen. However, Grey’s Anatomy showrunner, Shonda Rhimes, teases that won’t be the last time we see Dr. Stadler.

Will Dr. Karev and Dr. Stadler come to blows in Season 14? [Image by PLS Pool/Getty Images]

It looks like we’ll see more of Jo’s husband in Season 14. It will be interesting to see how Shonda plans to bring him into the storyline. Apparently, Karev and Stadler will come to blows, both vying for Jo’s love and attention.

Grey’s Anatomy fans, would you like to see Maggie paired with Jackson? Do you think Owen’s PTSD will flare up? Do you think Alex and Dr. Stadler will come to blows over Jo?

Grey’s Anatomy return to ABC in September.

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