‘Baywatch’ 2017 Movie Not About Priyanka Chopra In Bikini: Forget Age-Old Theory, Expect Hot Male Cast As Well

When Baywatch movie comes to theaters on May 26, 2017, do not expect only female cast members like Priyanka Chopra in bikini. The hot quotient of the movie does not just end there. This time, viewers will get a dose of male sexuality in the movie as well. The age-old theory about Baywatch offering extremely hot female cast is over. Chopra has clarified that women are going to have a great time at the theaters as well, thanks to the men like Zac Efron in the cast.

While fans who would like to watch Quantico star Priyanka Chopra in bikini won’t get disappointed, the R-rated comedy is far from being “too raunchy” this time. There is a reason for that. According to actress Kelly Rohrbach, there cannot be anything “too raunchy” in 2017. Alexandra Daddario, on the other hand, believes it’s time to redefine the age-old theory about raunchy content.

“It’s about time we saw a good p***s in a movie!”

The statement is enough to raise eyebrows (read expectations). While Zac Efron is there in the cast, fans should not forget about the other male attraction in the movie: Dwayne Johnson. The Rock plays the leader of the elite group, who teams up with the High School Musical star. Seth Gordon’s action-comedy is sure to have enough muscles. But, should we take Daddario’s statement seriously? Is there male frontal nudity in the movie? Should we expect Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Zac or both to take off their pants?

Even Priyanka Chopra, whom fans are eagerly waiting for to see in a bikini, clarifies how the movie will defy female dominance in term of raunchiness.

“For so many years, the show was only [gazing at] the women. This time, we’re definitely making it about the men, too,” Chopra told The Hollywood Reporter. “Payback, b***hes!”

Baywatch movie cast and crew gathered for a special screening of the Paramount film in New York City on Monday. Beau Flynn, the producer of four movies starring The Rock, said the “male” take of one of the most popular TV shows was actually Johnson’s brainchild. Since this is the first time Dwayne was doing an R-rated comedy, Flynn said he pushed his own limits. However, he clarified that, in addition to gross-out jokes, there would be story-driven humor in the movie.

Truly one of the nicest guys I know.. @therock keep charming the world #baywatch #may25th

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For Priyanka Chopra, it is a role that was originally written for a male actor. She is playing a murderous real estate mogul, who wants to privatize the bay. The Indian actress, who is making her Hollywood debut with this movie, has already made a mark by playing the protagonist of the popular TV series, Quantico. Chopra remembers one of the scenes, where Zac is dressed up like a woman. According to the actor, it was one of the hardest stunts he had ever done. Piggy Chops said she was impressed with the actor.

Baywatch movie cast and crew gathered for a special screening. [Image by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images]

“I witnessed him walking around, and I witnessed him saying how much newfound respect he had for girls,” the W Magazine quoted her as saying. “But it hurt his feet a lot, I must say. I was impressed, but by the end of the day, he was back to flats.”

Writer Michele Berk and series co-creator Michael Berk said they were initially a bit nervous about increasing the “vulgarity” in the movie. However, Michele said that they had complete faith in the director. According to Michael, the movie could have easily become a PG, if there removed some of the language and shots.

Baywatch movie comes to theaters on May 26, 2017. [Image by Getty Images]

Yes, we are eager to see Baywatch movie girls running in a bikini. However, we’ll also be eager to see how hot the men look in the 2017 version.

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