‘Southern Charm’ Fans Lash Out At Landon On Social Media After She Chastises Them And Sucks Up To Shep

Southern Charm star Landon Clements finds it hard to navigate social media without running into haters and nasty tweets, but she seems especially miffed that fans tweet negative things about her to her Southern Charm co-star, Shep Rose, thinking that he will agree with them. But many fans believe that she pushed them over the edge by being rude to Shep this season after he called her out for being a snob to his Yotme friends at her Roam party.

Many fans seemed shocked at the courtship between Thomas Ravenel and Landon on Southern Charm, and even more so when it turned out to be faked by Bravo for the show, says the Inquisitr. Though Landon and Thomas seem to be friends, there is nothing going on, despite Whitney’s mum, Patsy’s efforts to hook the two up and make Landon the next Mrs. Ravenel. But most fans know that Landon only had eyes for Shep, even after she was shot down last season after professing her love for the 37-year-old playboy.

The most recent Southern Charm social media crash for Landon came last week when Landon oddly retweeted a negative tweet about herself that was directed to Southern Charm star Shep Rose (Landon was tagged in the tweet). A fan asked Shep if Landon had always been obtuse.

Thanks, Landon, for your advice on style and travel!! Link in bio! | #landonclements #roamguide #southerncharm

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was always this affected and always been an unself-aware popular girl who no one really liked but had to”

Landon retweeted this and chastised fans saying that they will never “get the man” by putting others down.

“I love mean tweets about me to as if he’s going to take their side Ladies you never get the guy putting others down.”

This retweet ignited a stream of comments by Southern Charm fans, many of whom found it odd that Landon was giving advice on how to meet a man.

“Really Landon? Kind of how u put someone down that is struggling with addiction? #manipulative #socialitemyass #bravotv #meangirl.”

And others ironically continued to tag Shep Rose in their responses on Twitter.

“You mean how you didn’t get Shep by being mean to & excluding Kathryn last season? Some lessons are learned the hard way.”

Some asked if the faux pas that Landon talks about in her retweet is the reason that she never seems to get the guy on Southern Charm. They suggest that Landon actually read what she wrote and absorb that it highlights her own personal mistakes.

Ugh, some things are just not Roam-worthy ???? #southerncharm #roamworthy #landonclements

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But after tonight’s Southern Charm, where Shep and Craig both fiercely defended Kathryn against Landon, who kept repeating that she had played no role in the conflict. This started a Twitter storm of anti-Landon tweets.

“Why would 24 yr old beautiful Kathryn be jealous of 40 yr old single, weathered, boring, unemployed, divorcee Landon?”

Many posts hinted that particularly after Landon’s attempt to go slumming on tonight’s Southern Charm and then her behavior at Patsy’s Indian dinner, they have grown weary of Landon’s attitude and her voice.

“Bravotv Can you PLEASE create an option to watch SouthernCharm and mute out Landon’s voice? I’m begging you.”

Others believe that Landon would be better liked by women if she would stop flirting with all of the men in the room.

“Landon wants the girls to like her as she fawns over every guy in the room. A weak and transparent strategy.”

But while both Craig and Shep have been having a rough season on Southern Charm, they both scored some serious points taking up for the exiled Kathryn Dennis.

“Craig and Shep thank you for actually sticking up for Kathryn – she’s just trying to see her children. Cam/Landon shame on u!”

The Island Packet has made calling out Landon into an art form, as they don’t believe that Landon realizes how she’s coming off on Southern Charm and that it’s possible that Landon doesn’t even realize that she’s on a reality show. They say it’s like on RHONY, when Ramona strutted down the catwalk with the crazy eyes but thought she was fierce, until the show aired. Landon’s behavior is like that. She has now been renamed “Miss Cringe Clavenel.”


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What did you think of Landon’s behavior on tonight’s Southern Charm and on social media?

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