Kate Middleton Ready For Pippa Middleton’s ‘More Intimate’ Wedding, Are Prince George And Princess Charlotte?

Kate Middleton is getting ready for her little sister’s wedding this weekend, but she looks as calm and poised as ever. Pippa Middleton’s wedding is one of the biggest social events of the year, and it might be the biggest royal celebration of 2017 unless Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement is announced this year.

Despite the enormous amount of attention focused on Kate, Pippa, and Kate’s children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte as the wedding countdown brings Pippa closer to her big day, everyone seems totally relaxed. Kate Middleton was spotted driving through London in her black Range Rover the day before Pippa Middleton’s wedding.

The Daily Mail wrote that the Duchess of Cambridge was probably returning from a rehearsal for Pippa’s wedding and was headed home to Kensington Palace. Prince George and Princess Charlotte are acting as page boy and flower girl at their Aunt Pippa’s wedding, and Kate had expressed some anxiety over how the littlest royals will manage.

The News Zealand Herald via The Sun shared that like mothers everywhere, Kate is worried that “George and Charlotte will misbehave” when they find themselves in the spotlight. It must be a relief to the mom-of-two that the Matthews-Middleton wedding isn’t going to be a lavish extravaganza like Kate’s wedding to Prince William, with news outlets from all over the world camped out and over a million fans lining the route to Buckingham Palace.

Over a million people came out to watch the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kiss on the balcony on their wedding day.
Over a million people came out to watch the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kiss on the balcony on their wedding day. [Image by Paul Gilham/Getty Images]

When Kate and William were married, over two billion watchers from all over the world tuned in to see the royal couple exchange vows, and both the Middleton sisters were impressively professional from beginning to end.

The Sun shared that Pippa’s wedding at her local Englefield parish, St Mark’s Church, will be a more “intimate affair,” but there will be a lot of people watching George and Charlotte, and the princess, at only 2-years-old, might find her role to be a challenge.

The Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t want her little ones to “take center stage” as they walk up the aisle behind Pippa and her father. Kate says “you never know at that age” what they might take it into their heads to do, especially when there’s so much pressure on the children.

The littlest royals may steal the show at Pippa Middleton's wedding.
Kate Middleton and Prince William brought their children on tour to Canada. [Image by Chris Jackson /Getty Images)

Most brides would want to make sure that their bridal party rehearsed properly, but Prince George and Princess Charlotte seemed to be absent as the Middletons and Matthews ran through their parts.

There’s a lot of speculation about their mother’s role in Pippa’s wedding. As future Queen of England, Kate would upstage her sister if she is part of the wedding party, but the Middleton sisters are very close, and Pippa would certainly want Kate to be at her side. If Kate is part of Pippa’s wedding party, she will be able to help her children carry out their page and bridesmaid duties too.

The bridesmaids’ names have not been announced yet, so there is a chance Kate could be one of them, but it’s more likely that she will sit with Prince William, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle, while another of Pippa’s wedding party keeps an eye on the children.


The children’s nanny, Maria Borrallo, will be on duty as Pippa walks up the aisle. Borallo, who was at the Friday rehearsal, will know exactly what George and Charlotte are supposed to do, and she’ll be ready to smooth the way for them.

Kate probably won’t be able to relax completely until Pippa’s big day is over, but with the nanny on duty and the wedding rehearsal done, she looks ready to deal with whatever tomorrow brings.

Do you think Kate Middleton will be in Pippa’s wedding party?

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