The ‘Little People, Big World’ Cast Has Changed Over The Years, What’s Everyone Up To These Days?

The Little People, Big World cast has simultaneously grown and contracted in the years since the popular TLC show began back in 2006. The kids are grown, the parents are divorced, two of the kids have started families of their own, one kid hates the show and refuses to be on it, and one kid is camera-shy and chooses to remain anonymous. Here is a rundown of where things stand with the cast of the popular reality show.

Back in 2006, the family dynamic was simple. Parents Matt and Amy Roloff, both of whom are little people with differing forms of dwarfism, raised their family in their home in Oregon. The two oldest kids are twins named Zachary and Jeremy. The two boys were teenagers when the show began. Interestingly, one of the twins (Zach) was born with dwarfism while his brother Jeremy was not. Daughter Molly, of average height, was just entering into adolescence, and the youngest kid, Jacob, 9 at the time, was the precocious mischief-maker.

As the show progressed, however, things became more complicated. As the older boys matured and left the house, the empty nest and the underlying problems in Matt and Amy’s marriage came to the surface. They later divorced, and the show was canceled. However, now that Zach and Jeremy are grown men who are starting families of their own, the show is back, only with a slightly different cast. Here’s what they’re all up to now.

Matthew “Matt” Roloff (born October 7, 1961): Family patriarch Matt is a businessman, software salesman, farmer, motivational speaker, and Jack-of-all-trades. He’s forged a career as an advocate for individuals – particularly children – with disabilities and even traveled to Iraq to help a family with three kids with dwarfism. In 2016, Matt and Amy divorced after nearly 30 years of marriage, according to Radar Online. Since then, he’s entered into a relationship with Caryn Chandler, the family’s farm manager.

Amy Knight Roloff (born September 17, 1964): Though divorced from her husband of nearly 30 years, Amy still uses both her birth name (Knight) and her married name professionally. According to her website, Amy is a blogger, advocate for the disabled and bullying victims, and an actor. In Touch Weekly reports that Amy is currently in a relationship with a man named Chris Marek.

A lovely wonderful Valentines Day ?w/ this guy. Spent time at the Portland Art Museum and a wonderful dinner at Higgins downtown Portland. I felt special. #secondact #lifesurprise #valentinesdaymoment #love?

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Zachary Roloff (born May 10, 1990): On May 12, 2017, the now 27-year-old Zach and his wife, Tori, welcomed baby Jackson Kyle Roloff. As of this writing, the family has not officially confirmed or denied that Jackson was born with dwarfism like his father was. During their pregnancy, they did announce that the baby’s limbs measured below average.

Jackson Kyle Roloff Born May 12th at 8:00am 9 LBS 1 OZ 20 1/2 inches long Mom and Dad are so in love with you already???????????? #ZandTpartyofthree

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It’s unclear what Zach does for a job, although In Touch Weekly reports that the money he earns from Little People Big World is probably enough to pay the bills. Wife Tori is on maternity leave from her job as a kindergarten teacher.

Jeremy Roloff (born May 10, 1990): Unlike his brother, who was born with dwarfism, Jeremy is of average height. Like his brother, he is a devoted family man, and he and his wife, Audrey, are expecting a baby in September. Because the dwarfism gene is recessive, and according to In Touch Weekly, wife Audrey doesn’t carry it, their baby is unlikely to be born with dwarfism. In addition to his TV income, Jeremy, a devout Christian, is a writer and speaker, focusing on marriage and family.

Molly Roloff (born September 17, 1993): Molly is all but absent from Little People Big World. There’s no salacious or gossipy reason for this as she simply prefers anonymity. She lives in Spokane and works as an accountant, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Jacob Roloff (January 17, 1997): Like siblings Molly and Jeremy, Jacob was not born with dwarfism and is of average height. Unlike his siblings, Jacob wants absolutely nothing to do with Little People Big World. According to his blog, he believes the show exploited his family, making them into characters rather than showing them for who they are. He also believes he was swindled (he uses a different word) out of his earnings from his show. The 20-year-old high school dropout is currently a blogger and YouTube personality, tooling around the country with girlfriend Isabel. Whether or not Jacob is estranged from his family is a matter of dispute. He doesn’t have good things to say about the show, or about Christianity (his family is devout Christians), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he and his family don’t get along.

New episodes of Little People, Big World air on Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time on TLC.

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