New videogame comes with a free exercise bike

A whole one. This is on the Wii, if you can believe such a thing.

The imaginatively titled Cyberbike is, unsurprisingly, “the very first videogame that comes with an exercise bike,” and is developed by those chancers at Bigben Interactive.

The game comes out in January, and will see users riding around 18 land, sea, and air circuits on “some of the most improbable vehicles ever imagined.” Precisely what these mysterious modes of transport are isn’t specified. Maybe there’s a horse involved.

Anyway, the aim of the game is to pedal your way around and rid the in-game planet of pollution as you go, somehow. The bike itself will have adjustable saddle and handlebars, and I’m already estimating it will be the Trabi of the exercise bike world. It’s compatible with Mario Kart Wii, just in case you think Cyberbike looks crap.

Bigben also announced My Body Coach, another fitness title for the – GAAAAASP – Wii that includes two 500g (app. 1lb) dumbbells with Wii remote slots.

Usually, the dumbbells thing would be semi-interesting on its own, but it can’t trump a whole exercise bike. No word on price for either of these, but I struggle to believe Cyberbike will cost the same as a standard game.

[Via press release]

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