Catelynn Lowell Celebrates Daughter Carly’s 8th Birthday With Emotional Message

Fans of Teen Mom OG are well aware that Catelynn Lowell and her now-husband, Tyler Baltierra, gave up her daughter, Carly, for adoption shortly after her birth. The pair, who were still in high school at the time, decided it was best for them to give up their daughter instead of raising her in a bad environment. As both Catelynn and Tyler’s parents have had issues with bad relationships and drugs, they decided letting Carly live a life with a couple more prepared to have a child was the best thing to do.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra decided to have an open adoption to see Carly on a regular basis. However, it hasn’t turned out as well as they would have liked. Carly’s parents, Brandon and Theresa, have cut down their visiting time with the couple and have made several demands on them in regards to speaking about Carly or showing her face on the MTV show. Several times the couple has broken these demands, which has lead to further problems between the adopted family and the young couple.

However, no matter what, Catelynn Lowell and her husband still love Carly and are always excited to get updates about her life progress.

Catelynn and Tyler and now the parents of 2-year-old Novalee Reign, but they haven’t forgotten their first born.

Catelynn Lowell took to Twitter to discuss her feelings on Carly’s 8th birthday.

“8 years ago 2day at 10:39 am Carly took her first breath… 8 yes she’s 8!!! This little girl has made my world! I love you Carly!”

Both Catelynn and Tyler have made it known that they would love to have more children, and Tyler is specifically looking forward to having a boy. Catelynn, however, has confided in several press outlets that she is scared to have another baby because she suffered very badly from postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter, Novalee Reign.

Catelynn Lowell’s postpartum depression was so bad that she had to seek professional help and was in rehab for several weeks to help her cope with her anxiety and depression. She has confessed that this is the one thing stopping her from getting pregnant immediately.

However, she has said she’s doing much better than she was.

“I’m doing very well, [I’m] two years out since birth. I feel really good. I had a panic attack this morning, but I worked through it. It’s just knowing the things you have to do to work through it, but yeah, I’m doing way better,” she told

Catelynn Lowell has also stated that she received lots of backlash from viewers who didn’t understand what she was going through. Many made fun of her for her supposedly lazy attitude. However, she says that her anxiety made her “paralytic” and made it impossible for her to do anything. Her postpartum depression definitely took a toll on her relationship with husband Tyler Baltierra.

The Baltierras are now working on a clothing line for kids named Tierra Reign, a play on their last name and Nova’s middle name. Their slogan, “Reign Over Your Life” has been added to the marketing posters. The pair have started an Instagram account showcasing some of the clothing, which they say will be “hip and handmade.”

The pair are also working on their passion project, which is a show on MTV called Reunited in which people connect with long lost family members. This is, no doubt, special to them because of their relationship with their daughter Carly and the hopes that they will one day be reunited with her.

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