‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Spoilers: Charlotte, Chloe Team Up In Episode 17

Just when Lucifer fans thought that God is actually on Earth, the previous episode titled “God Johnson” brought a twist. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) also got the second piece of the Flaming Sword, but it has been revealed that he still needs to find the final piece, the whereabouts of which will be discussed in the next episode.

Lucifer almost believed that God has descended to walk amongst the humans. It turns out that the person who claims to be the Creator of the universe is someone who’s previously named Earl Johnson (Timothy Omundson). A belt buckle — a part of the Flaming Sword — he wore gave him the divine knowledge and power of healing that made Lucifer (Tom Ellis) believe that he is really his father. More of the Flaming Sword will be explained in the next episode, which also sees an odd team-up between Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) and Chloe (Lauren German).

The next episode of Lucifer Season 2 Episode 17, titled “Sympathy for the Goddess,” will have Lucifer’s mom and his love interest working together on a case. According to the synopsis from TV Guide, Charlotte offers her assistance in the murder case involving a man believed to have the final piece of the divine sword.

This important piece has gone missing and Charlotte is determined to find it. It is implied that whoever murdered the man has the piece they’re looking for. Lucifer, however, was sidelined and Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) decided to recruit him to help Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) instead. The therapist is facing the danger of losing her career and Maze wants to save her. At the same time, the demon confronts the Lord of Hell about the secrets he’s been keeping from her — like the fact that he, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), and Charlotte are planning to return to Heaven.

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The promo trailer for the next episode also opens up with Amenadiel explaining more about the Flaming Sword, in which he said that this shattered weapon comes in three pieces. Originally, God broke the weapon into pieces following Lucifer’s rebellion, fearing that his son would turn against him and use it on him. The first one is the blade of Azrael and the second one is the belt buckle, or called the Medallion of Life, that God Johnson had worn in Episode 16. The fallen angel also explains that a final piece serves as the key that will bind the weapon altogether.

It’s up to Chloe and her team to find the killer so Charlotte and Lucifer will get to find the missing piece. In the promo, Amenadiel can also be heard saying that something is up with his mother. As revealed in an earlier episode, time is running out for Charlotte, which is why she is so anxious to get back to Heaven.

Meanwhile, Lucifer Season 2’s finale is fast approaching and there are only a few episodes left before the series concludes. Ellis recently revealed to HuffPost‘s Build Series segment that fans should expect more twists and turns to the story and that the finale will bring a big surprise. The actor also admitted that “God Johnson” was, by far, the best episode for him.

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“Lucifer is absolutely convinced that his dad has come down to Earth and that opens up a new side of things. As a stand-alone episode, I think that’s a really good episode.”

Ellis also shared a bit about the final two episodes saying how it will be all about the trio’s plan to ascend to Heaven.

“Our final two episodes of this season, it’s all about mom’s plan to get back to Heaven and taking her sons with her and how that kind of unravels. And then the very, very end of this season, Lucifer is in for a bit of a shock.”

Catch Lucifer Season 2 on Mondays, 9 p.m. ET, on FOX.

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