Karl Malone Embarrassed By Louisiana Tech Bowl Decision

Karl Malone isn’t happy with Louisiana Tech. The school turned down an invitation to play in the Independence Bowl this year against ULM but turned it down with the hopes of playing in a bigger game.

Well, that invitation didn’t come, and now Louisiana Tech will be sitting on the sidelines during college football’s post-season.

Malone, who went to Louisiana Tech, said that he was embarrassed by how the school handled the situation.

Malone took to Twitter to rant about the situation. Malone wrote:

“I am Bulldog to the core … I am heartbroken and embarrassed that our university would do this to Tech Nation.”

Malone went on to say that he’d be glad to replace Bruce Van De Velde as Louisiana Tech’s new Athletic Director.

Malone said:

“To our football and staff this is exactly what is wrong with our university. Now it’s time to get former athletes to run our program. I’m 6″9 and not hard to find. Wouldn’t it be nice to hire a person doing it for university, and not somebody doing it for a bigger and better job in their mind? Whoever made this decision have the balls to tell the guys why. As one alumni of LaTech I want to know why. TechNation what I have been saying for a long time, start hiring former tech athletes to get the pride back into The university and athletics.”

According to Desert News, Lousiana Tech was offered a spot in the Independence Bowl. The school had to accept the invitation by Saturday but missed the deadline because they were waiting for another offer. Van De Velde later explained that the Independence Bowl’s sponsor is LA Tech graduate, and he thought that they “would wait for us” to make a decision.

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