‘Family Guy’s’ Seth MacFarlane Delivers Fox 2017 Upfronts, A Song And Dance Number, And A New Show

Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, took the stage for the Fox 2017 upfronts apparently to poke fun at Fox, but more pointedly to sell Fox programming to advertisers. With MacFarlane though, even a business presentations can be fun.

Fox, as home to Family Guy, The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers is a great network for writers and creators like Seth MacFarlane. Seth MacFarlane, despite his roasting approach, loves Fox and now has two programs in their line up; Family Guy and a new program The Orvilles.

Upfronts, like the 2017 Fox upfronts, are the presentation of a network’s fall lineup to advertisers and only secondarily viewers. These presentations, like the song delivered by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, seem to indicate the direction a network is taking, and for Fox, the 2017 upfronts point to outer space, ghosts, and other horror and science fiction topics, with a strong bent on both sports and comedy as well.

Seth MacFarlane was feeling good at the 1017 Fox upfronts, because not only is Family Guy renewed, Seth MacFarlane has a brand new show on Fox called The Orville. The new comedy, drama, sci-fi work takes place in outer-space and appears to be a comedic spoof of a space exploration series, according to The Verge.

Upfronts are serious business for TV networks, but Fox chose to go with Family Guy-style humor as the best strategy for their 2017 upfronts. Seth MacFarlane’s presentation was clever, and maybe that proves Fox has a clever strategy for attracting viewers.

Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane even created a little song to get the audience fired up, the lyrics of which were anything but complementary to Fox. At first admitting that upfronts were all about networks courting advertisers. “the networks try to woo you” sang Seth MacFarlane, whose song is quoted in Entertainment Weekly.

“Just you watch us knock the socks off your g*dd**n TV box / And we’ll do the same thing next year / If even there’s still a Fox.”

Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy took the concept of the usual song and dance the networks are forced to deliver quite literally, but a song and dance routine is all the networks can offer due to a nearly across the board rating decline, according to Hollywood Reporter.

The 2017 upfronts for Fox and other big networks are going to be about explaining, denying, or ignoring their rapidly declining ratings. This may dramatically impact the advertisers’ willingness to fully fund the big budgets of declining TV. Nearly all TV networks, as well as individual shows, are in ratings trouble.

Seth McFarlane creator of Family Guy and American Dad [Image by Reed Saxon/AP Images]

Seth MacFarlane is not only the creator of Family Guy, on Fox but also American Dad and a brand new Fox show called The Orville. Seth MacFarlane took a head-on approach with his song and dance, but most network upfronts will find a longer more painstaking path. Networks have cited reasons, excuses, and explanations for those ratings troubles. Delayed viewing options may account for part of the decline. They urge advertisers to take into account their live plus seven day numbers, which are better.

Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane expressed that Fox 2017 upfronts, as well as other networks, are taking aim at YouTube and Social Media advertising. These are direct competition for their advertising articles. Seth MacFarlane took a shot at You-Tube and Social Media.

“But if you’re thinkin’ ads on YouTube are the way to reach the kids / Just remember your commercials will be shown on ISIS vids.
That’s no way, pal, to reach the kids.
Only network ads will do / Social platforms ain’t for you / ‘Cause who wants their ad placed under an emoji… of a poo?”

Seth MacFarlane’s song also expressed a rather unusual sentiment for the Fox upfronts. The Family Guy creator expressed a unity between TV networks against other advertising media. Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane seems to be expressing Fox solidarity with competing networks like ABC, NBC, and CBS. Is this possible?

Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane sang the final verse of his Fox 2017 upfronts promotional song in a way that hinted all the networks were circling the wagons so to speak, against internet-based advertising.

“So the networks are the choice / Buy them ads and then rejoice / Now I’ll close because you’re thinkin’ / ‘No one cares, man, do Stewie’s voice.'”

The Simpsons is another iconic animated Fox series with a long history and a bright future [Image by Alaric Lambert/AP Images]

Is Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy correct in assuming that Fox would rather advertisers invest in a competing network than buying ad space on a YouTube video?

The Fox 2017 upfronts list of fall shows is as follows, according to the LA Times.

Monday’s primetime will feature Lucifer followed by a new show called The Gifted. Tuesday will include Lethal Weapon and their breakout hit from last season, The Mick followed by Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Wednesday viewers will be treated with Empire and Star.

Seth MacFarlane is excited about Fox Thursday nights when his new space travel spoof The Orville will follow Gotham. Friday night will feature Hell’s Kitchen and The Exorcist. Saturday’s primetime will be devoted to college Football on Fox Sports Saturday from 7 until 10:30.

Fox Sunday lineup will present six half-hour long prime time shows, including NFL on Fox, The OT / Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, and a new supernaturally based program Ghosted. These will be followed by Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy at 9 p.m. and finally The Last Man on Earth.


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Seth MacFarlane was totally upfront about the state of Fox and other TV networks going into the 2017 fall season, but their line up does look intriguing.

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