Farrah Abraham Receives Mother’s Day Wishes From Simon Saran On Twitter

Farrah Abraham recently told press she was no longer allowing her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Simon Saran, to spend time with her daughter but that didn’t stop him from wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday.

As they continue to keep fans guessing about the nature of their current relationship, Saran took to Twitter on May 14 and shared a photo of Farrah Abraham enjoying an Asian meal.

“Happy Mother’s Day to [Farrah Abraham] and all all of the other hardworking wonderful mothers out there!” Saran wrote in the caption of his photo.

Farrah Abraham has been focused on her latest reality series, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition, on Twitter in recent weeks but she did take the time to re-tweet a couple of Mother’s Day Wishes, including the post tweeted by Saran.

As fans of the longtime reality star may have seen, Farrah Abraham is currently starring on the WEtv series in hopes of getting to a healthier place with her parents, Debra Danielson and Michael Abraham. While the family members have had their moments of civility, they are often seen on the outs and through therapy, they hope to improve the time they will continue to spend together.

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Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran have been on and off for the past several months, but recently, after the sometimes couple enjoyed a trip to Key West, Florida, Abraham confirmed they were no longer dating.

During an interview with Hollywood Life days ago, Farrah Abraham said that she no longer wants Saran around her daughter.

“I kind of separate them,” she explained. “I just keep it cordial cause I don’t really want him around my daughter anymore.”

Although Farrah Abraham acknowledged that she and Saran were no longer dating, she also noted that they hadn’t exactly gone their separate ways. In fact, after Saran accompanied Farrah Abraham as shopped for her MTV Movie And TV Awards dress, the on-again, off-again couple reunited in San Francisco.

“If we can work together and remain friends and just be chill then that’s fine,” Farrah Abraham said. “I was just in San Fran with him and then we were doing a special, so good for him. He’s got a special coming out. You know, it’s like the one ex I’m trying to stay friends with. It’s been really weird. I’m not usually friends with my ex.”

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Farrah Abraham also spoke of her relationship with Simon Saran during an interview last month.

“I honestly have just dedicated myself to being single for a while,” Farrah Abraham explained to OK! Magazine weeks ago. “I think Simon and I are hopefully working towards bettering our friendship and having better communication in that way. I don’t feel I need a relationship right now and I think it’s good for both of us.”

“I think Simon always brings up the engagement and always brings up getting back together and those things,” she continued. “I, again, have just made the choice to stay single and focus my energy a bit differently. I think Simon has had enough of my time.”

Farrah Abraham infamously informed Simon Saran years ago that waiting for an engagement is only for “ugly girls” and after he failed to proposed, she’s ready to move on.

“If an engagement didn’t properly happen then so be it,” she added.

To see more of Farrah Abraham, Simon Saran, and her family, tune into Teen Mom OG Season 6B on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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