James Woods’ Twitter Tweet: Anderson Cooper’s ‘Butt Plug Dislodges During A Newscast’ Calls For Twitter Ban

Recently, Anderson Cooper rolled his eyes at Kellyanne Conway, as reported by the Inquisitr, when Cooper was interviewing Kellyanne in the wake of Cooper returning to the forefront of news programs after a seemingly long absence. Anderson’s eye roll towards the heavens went viral as Conway waxed on about the latest drama and palace intrigue happening at the White House after FBI Director James Comey was fired. There were memes and GIFs and slowed down versions on Anderson’s eye roll. However, actor James Woods posted a tweet about the situation that is causing Woods to get slammed on Twitter, with calls for Twitter to ban Woods for hate speech.

As seen in the below screenshots claiming to be taken from the verified Twitter account named “James Woods,” at the Twitter handle @RealJamesWoods, the tweet shows a GIF of Cooper with language about Anderson’s butt plug dislodging. With at least 642,000 followers on Twitter, Woods’ tweet about Cooper soon went viral and got plenty of backlash. As of this writing, the tweet from Woods is still there on his Twitter feed, having been retweeted nearly 8,000 times and liked on Twitter more than 18,000 times. Anderson has not yet responded to the tweet by Woods.

Even Perez Hilton jumped into the Twitter fray, using his own GIF to call Woods a “disgusting, pathetic, delusional fool.” Posted to Twitter at 9:20 p.m. on May 11, the tweet from Woods remains defiantly alive as of writing and is bringing calls from Twitter users for Twitter to ban James as one propagating hate speech. For his part, Woods claimed on Saturday that the “liberals” were having a “hissy fit” in the wake of his tweet against the 49-year-old Cooper.

According to the Daily Mail, the tweet from James is being called crude and hateful after his Friday tweet against Anderson.

Reactions to James on social media features people calling Woods a homophobe. Others have written that James should be ashamed of what he tweeted about Cooper. Instead of deleting his tweet about Anderson and offering an apology, James doubled-down and posted the following tweet on May 14, writing that he couldn’t care less about the liberals having a hissy fit.

James is a notorious supporter of President Donald Trump, and his Twitter feed features a recent photo of Trump with the advice to cut his hair.

Woods has famously starred in films like The Way We Were, Once Upon a Time in America, Casino, and has been a staple on TV.

However, the tweet about Cooper from Woods is getting James backlash like the following comments from social media.

“For someone who couldn’t care less you sure spend a lot of time on twitter telling people how much you don’t care. ¯_(?)_/¯”

“Shameful! You should be so proud of yourself James Woods. Nice to watch you erode your career in real time.”

“There is NOTHING strong about How he stomached interviewing her at all, is the real question.”

“When I saw that I lost a lot of respect for Anderson Cooper when he rolled his eyes back into his head he was very disrespectful.”

“How could he not roll his eyes? Conway is looney!”

“Why is it nobody caught ‘ flirty wink right before he rolled his eyes? Yet she screams about sexism…”

“KellyAnne Conjob should have ‘an exasperated look.’ Having to continually defend the crap of djt.”

“One by one we watch the haters destroy their own respectability, over 45 Their therapists should refund money.”

“That was something a 14 year old girl would do .”

“oh-oh… Be careful James, Twitter PC police will be after you.”

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