First ‘Wonder Woman’ Reactions Emerge

The first press screenings for Wonder Woman were held over the weekend, and while the full reviews for the blockbuster are yet to be revealed, the early reactions have started to pop up online, and they’re mostly positive.

Comic book writer Marc Andreyko really enjoyed Wonder Woman, something that he admitted on Twitter as he posted his reaction to his legion of Twitter followers. However, some higher ups over at Warner Bros. and close to the DC Extended Universe must have told Andreyko to take his thoughts down because the post has since been deleted. The good folks over at Geek Feed were able to spot the post before it was deleted, though.

“I can’t get into specifics but Gal Gadot gives a beautiful, nuanced, powerful performance. Patty Jenkins is SO GOOD with actors.”

Andy Lea, the film editor for the Daily Star Sunday, also praised the blockbuster, too, insisting that it was very “good,” while also reserving special praise for Gal Gadot’s performance as Diana Prince, too, a role that she previously portrayed in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Wonder Woman's first reviews have been released
[Image by Warner Bros]

“It really is good. Dark but funny too. Gadot is great and the Amazons are brilliant.”

According to Comic Book Movie, Andy Lea has already given his four-star review for Wonder Woman to Warner Bros., and it has even started to appear on some posters for it, too. However, the fact that Andy Lea was a huge fan of last year’s Suicide Squad suggests that his review might not be the most reliable.

Batman News have also managed to speak to around a dozen individuals that have watched Wonder Woman, too, and each of them lavished praise on the origin story for the heroine. This even provoked the Batman-orientated website to predict that Wonder Woman could be “the one” for the DC Extended Universe, which will be a welcome relief after Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice were savaged critically upon their release.

Paul Shirey, the editor-in-chief over at Jo Blo, also seemed to suggest that he’d only heard positive reviews for Wonder Woman, too, as he insinuated that the reactions to the Patty Jenkins directed film were the polar opposite to those for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad.

Bustle’s Anna Klassen didn’t go into specifics about the film, but she did have nothing but praise for Patty Jenkins.

“I just saw Wonder Woman. Not allowed to talk about it yet… but will say Patty Jenkins is a wonderful human who is too good for this world.”

Warner Bros. is not taking any chances with the reviews for Wonder Woman, though, as the studio’s embargo for the blockbuster is still May 31st, which is just two days before the film is released to cinemas. This usually isn’t the greatest sign for a film, as it suggests that the studio isn’t confident that it will receive positive reviews.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman poses for a promotional photo.
[Image by Warner Bros.]

However, the first indication is that the reviews for Wonder Woman won’t be as savage this time around, a problem that the DC Extended Universe has had in the recent past. Starting with Man Of Steel, which scored just 55 percent on Rotten Tomatoes when it was released in 2013. This was actually a high for the DC Extended Universe, as its follow-up Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice amassed only 28 percent on the same website, while Suicide Squad couldn’t even reach that amount as it scored just 25 percent. We’ll find out what Wonder Woman can score on the website, and whether or not the reviews are mostly positive or negative or somewhere in between, shortly after it’s released on June 2.

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