‘Wonder Woman’ Heroine Gal Gadot Pledges: ‘I Will Fight For Good’

As Wonder Woman nears its theatrical debut, the film’s star is becoming more recognized by DC fans, as well as by international moviegoers, but Gal Gadot isn’t solely recognized for her role as Diana Prince. While there can be no doubt that Ms. Gadot is passionate about her craft, she revealed in a new interview that she’s equally devoted to doing whatever she can to make the world a better place. The Wonder Woman star sounds as heroic and determined as her DC character, as she speaks about her philosophy on life and the obligations she feels toward the rest of humanity.

Wonder Woman Star Gal Gadot Always Follows Her Heart

In Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot plays Diana Prince, a woman suited to the life of the hero, but, as Us Weekly reports, the actress isn’t quite as brave, or so she thinks. Ms. Gadot says she isn’t the type of person to go looking for a fight, describing herself instead as a lover, but is quick to add that she’ll jump into the fray if it means doing right by her convictions.

“I don’t enjoy conflict in my life,” said Gal. “Unlike Wonder Woman, I’m not a fighter [but] I will fight for good.”

Gal Gadot says she will always fight for good. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

While Ms. Gadot may not see herself as a hero, her actions and her words echo the sentiments of heroes both real and imagined. Even her Wonder Woman director, Patty Jenkins, feels that Gal Gadot is closer to Diana Prince than she may realize.

Gal credits her strong-willed personality to her mother, who she says raised her and her sister to pursue their dreams with confidence. As a result Ms. Gadot has never felt intimidated by her male competitors.

“I’m not saying that I’m stronger than most men … but we all have the same brains and we can achieve the same things,” said the Wonder Woman star.

Still, Gal says she’s eager to see a day when gender will not be an issue, particularly in Hollywood. While she holds out hope for that day to arrive, Ms. Gadot admits she may not see it within her lifetime. She adds that, if society can come to that point, life will be much easier for men, as well as for women.

Gal Gadot Describes Her Wonder Woman Training as “Torturous”

Gal Gadot says her ‘Wonder Woman’ fitness training was intense. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Preparing for Wonder Woman was no easy task for Gal Gadot. As WJLA reports, the actress went through an extremely challenging training regimen to prepare her body for the hard work of playing a superhero. While Gal says the workouts were akin to torture, she adds that, in the end, she’s thankful for them, because they gave her a new, stronger physique.

Ms. Gadot adds that crawling through mud in her Wonder Woman outfit wasn’t as easy as it looked and that was just one of the challenges for which she had to prepare. Gal says she she couldn’t have been as successful at becoming Wonder Woman without having the right team to help shape and mold her into the Diana Prince character.

When pressed, Gal admits that she did try to come up with excuses to dodge those intensive workouts, though, in the end, she’s happy she stuck with it. Gadot also reveals that her Wonder Woman costume fit much better, after she completed the training.

“I couldn’t breathe when I first tried the costume on, it was so tight,” Ms. Gadot recalled. “So I went to the gym, tried it on again and it felt great, a much better fitting, so they made it tighter. I made it very clear that I needed to have some oxygen going through my body to shoot the movie. We adjusted the costume and I wore it every single day, and we shot over 117 days.”

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2.

[Featured Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

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