Ariel Winter Moves In With Boyfriend Levi Meaden: What The ‘Modern Family’ Star’s Next Mansion Would Look Like

Modern Family’s Ariel Winter is getting serious with her boyfriend of six months, Levi Meaden. The 19-year-old recently confirmed on Jimmy Kimmel live that Meaden has come to live with her in her $1.5 million-dollar home, which she bought in November 2016. However, a new report has mentioned that the couple might be moving to a better and bigger home.

According to TMZ, the Sofia the First voice actress and her 29-year-old beau went house hunting in Sherwood Oaks on Wednesday. Ariel and Levi went to check out this particular place, a 4,668 sq. ft home with five bedrooms and six bathrooms, the reported added. It was also said that this place has a spa, pool, an outdoor fireplace and a built-in barbecue, which should be a great place to welcome the couple’s friends.

Mail Online added that Winter’s potential house also has a baby grand piano, boutique style closets, Toto Neorest toilet, a steam shower and stand alone tub. This mansion reportedly cost $2.15 million and has a stylish kitchen.

This week, Winter praised her boyfriend’s cooking skills on live TV as he does most of the cooking.

“I do have my own house, last year I bought my own house. My boyfriend and I live together he cooks [and] takes care of all the handy stuff. I can bake pie occasionally — pumpkin and apple.”

Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden always pack on the PDA

That said, this potential new home for the couple could appeal to Levi, who’s into cooking because it has a gourmet center island kitchen, sophisticated countertops, a Sub-Zero fridge and a butler’s pantry. Although this could be Winter and Meaden’s new home, TMZ sources say the couple hasn’t sealed the deal just yet. According to people close to the couple, the lovebirds were merely shopping and haven’t placed a bid on the mansion.

Winter and Meaden continue to show their love for each other but their romance has been under some scrutiny considering he is almost 10 years older than her. But this didn’t stop Ariel from moving forward with their relationship. It looks like she’s trying to master this thing called growing up, and she has the support of her Modern Family co-stars.

“They definitely treat me like an adult. It’s weird for them because we were 10-11 years old when we started and now that we’re all semi adults, it’s different.”

Ariel is also no stranger to controversies and continues to be criticized for her revealing outfits. Recently, she was under fire for the outfit she wore to the Modern Family screening, where the rest of the cast members went for smart casual clothes. Winter, on the other hand, decided to go for a glamorous mini dress revealing her skin. She then clapped back at her critics via Instagram, letting them know that everyone has a choice to wear whatever they want and not be criticized.

The criticism continues but it’s a good thing that the actress is not alone in the fight, with one of her co-stars, Sarah Hyland, proving that she got her back. Hyland took to Twitter to call out the paparazzi who tried to get her to say something about Winter’s revealing dresses, but the actress knows where her loyalty lies.

Ariel Winter's co-star Sarah Hyland defends the actress from critics

“Paps at the airport trying to get me to talk s— about my girl @arielwinter1?? y’all digging for something you’re never gonna get,” the 26-year-old wrote, to which Winter responded, “love you.”

Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland play on-screen sisters Alex and Haley Dunphy in Modern Family. Alex is the smartest of all of the Dunphy siblings while Haley is described as the shallow one. Hyland and Winter have been pitted against each other but clearly showing that they’re there for each other only quashes the rivalry rumors.

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