Alien Mummies Revealed On The Science Channel: Hoax Or Reality

Human beings have looked at the stars in awe since we first crawled out of our caves. We stare at the night sky and speculate about what might be out there and we wonder if creatures from other planets might have visited our lonely earth. This all important question has haunted mankind from time immemorial and now the Science Channel is investigating the possibility that aliens may not only have visited earth, but lived and died here, with the new program Alien Mummies.

Using the usual Hollywood combination of hyperbole and mystery, the Science Channel provided a brief summary of Alien Mummies:

“Combining high-end drama reconstruction, scientific tests and expert testimony, we uncover a series of elaborate hoaxes, natural phenomenon and unidentified creatures as we explore man’s eternal fascination with extra-terrestrial beings.”

The program, which first aired earlier this week on the Science Channel, examines several recent cases of purported alien remains that have attracted world wide attention. Alien Mummies visited Metepec, Mexico, a small village in Central Mexico where a now infamous sample of alien remains first appeared in 2007.

A Mexican rancher named Marao Lopez claimed to find the 19 inch tall creature still alive in a trap. Instead of keeping the animal alive as a captured alien, Lopez inexplicably decided to drown the creature.

The case will be examined in detail along with several others on Alien Mummies. We won’t spoil the entire program for you, but we will tell you that the Metepec Alien is a very sick and cruel hoax. Independent investigators are convinced the alien is actually a poor little Squirrel Monkey who was skinned with some of its muscles removed. Now known to debunkers as the “Screamin’ Demon of Metepec,” the Metepec Mummy is a full-fledged, card carrying member of the UFO Hall of Shame.

We can only speculate on why the Science Channel would choose to air this program as Alien Mummies instead of Alien Mummy Hoaxes. Take it for what its worth, which is zero when considering its scientific value. Alien Mummies is a good way to waste an hour on a boring evening and it may even be mildly entertaining. The next time you look up at the stars, you will realize the Science Channel has as much knowledge about what is really out there as the rest of us; little to none.

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