‘Boruto’ Episode 7 Spoilers: Chocho Goes On A Diet, Will The Dark Chakra Strike Again?

After an action-filled Boruto Episode 6, it looks like the Naruto spinoff will scale down on its action a bit for the next installment. In fact, a recently released Boruto Episode 7 preview suggests that the main theme of the upcoming chapter is about love, food, and dieting, which suggests the making of a filler episode.

Shino Goes On A Rampage

In the latest episode of the Naruto spinoff, Boruto and two of his classmates had to deal with a totally unexpected threat to their lives.

Boruto, along with Shikadia, and new transfer student, Mitsuki, were a bit surprised when their teacher, Shino, instructed them to assemble in the middle of a forest. However, the students got the shock of their lives when they eventually learned why their teacher wanted them there. Apparently, Shino is fed up with their unruly behavior in class and wants to solve the problem by killing all three.

Of course, it was later revealed that Shino was not exactly himself at that moment. Just like Metal Lee and Denki before him, he was possessed by that strange, dark chakra, and would later admit that he can’t exactly recall what happened.

Boruto, Shikadai, And Mitsuki Learn Teamwork To Survive

But facing a superior foe is just what Boruto and his classmates needed to learn teamwork. Since confronting their jonin level teacher head-on was probably not a good idea, Shikadai quickly formulated a strategy utilizing each student’s special abilities to their advantage.

Boruto, with his mastery of the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, also known as the Shadow Clone Technique, proved to be the perfect diversion. Parrying the attacks of the Boruto clones, the possessed Shino thought that he had the fight in the bag. He was even able to evade Shikadai’s Shadow Imitation Technique since he was expecting it.

But surprisingly, even Shikadai’s attack was just another diversion. The real attack came from Mitsuki, an excellent strategy cooked up by Shikadai. Since Mitsuki is a new student, Shino was unaware of what the boy could do and the extent of his abilities.

Mitsuki quickly bound the possessed Shino with his elastic arms and pulled the teacher underwater, a move that was probably meant to neutralize Shino’s parasitic insects. However, Shino’s insects proved to be resilient as they tried to function even underwater.

Mitsuki had no choice but to use a lightning-based attack to zap the persistent insects and knock some sense into their teacher. It worked, as the insects were zapped and the dark chakra that possessed Shino left his body.

Dark Chakra

It looks like fans can expect the dark chakra to strike again in future episodes of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime series. Not much is known about the creature, but it seems to prefer possessing people who are currently feeling down. This can be seen when it attacked Denki when he was trouble with all the bullying, Metal Lee when he felt bad after Shikadai said something to him, and even Shino when he felt too overwhelmed with the unruly behavior of his students.

The dark chakra possession has even attracted the attention of Naruto, who is now starting to look into the matter. It could prove problematic indeed since it can control even jonin-level ninja like Shino, it could potentially cause major damage to the village if it manages to possess stronger ninjas such as Naruto. At the moment, only Boruto and Mitsuki seem to have the ability to see the dark presence.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 7 Preview

Meanwhile, the brief Boruto Episode 7 preview, which may be viewed below, seems to suggest that the series will tone down its action in the coming installment. The focus of next episode will be on ChoCho, Boruto’s classmate, who may be struggling with some weight issues.

Titled “Love and Potato Chips,” ChoCho will contemplate going on a diet, but it will not be for health reasons. Apparently, the young girl will have a crush on someone and may feel pressured to have that hourglass figure.

The titles for the upcoming Boruto episodes 8-10 have also been revealed, Comicbook reported. Episode 8 is titled “Message of the Dream,” Episode 9 is called “My Proof,” and Boruto Episode 10 carries the intriguing title “Ghost Incident, Begin Investigation!”


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