‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Multiplayer Expands With Turian Agent, Buy Experiences Boosts With Mission Funds

After several weeks, the APEX missions and their narrative are starting again in the multiplayer mode for Mass Effect: Andromeda. The sixth APEX mission is now available in the co-operative mode, kicking off the Act 2 of the ongoing side story. With the new “Chasing the Archon’s Obsession” mission, the Remnant Descent act is now underway for APEX agents. A new character and equipment are now available as part of the new content.

This weekend, the “Chasing the Archon’s Obsession” mission is available for APEX agents to complete. The mission takes place on Firebase Paradox with the Weakened Assault Team modifier. Players will find that they have 25 percent less health and shields during the bronze-level mission. In the mission, Mass Effect: Andromeda teams go up against the Kett as they take out targets and hack the Remnant technology in their hands.

Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer now includes Turian Agent, Experience Equipment
The Turian Agent uses Recon Visor to see through walls [Image by BioWare]

Alongside the new mission, a new multiplayer character is also part of the update. Players can now find the rare Turian Agent in multiplayer packs. As noted on the game’s official website, the Turian Agent is a recon specialist with cloaking capabilities. A new assault rifle is also available in packs starting today. The X5 Assault Rifle is a new rare gun that the Andromeda Initiative developed with the M-8 Avenger as inspiration.

The Turian Agent makes use of three powers like all characters found in the Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer. He uses Recon Visor, Tactical Cloak, and Flamethrower to dominate the battlefield. Recon Visor, an ability new to the mode, lets the Turian Agent see through walls. While using the Recon Visor, weapons that can penetrate will do so more efficiently through cover. The Turian Agent also utilizes two passive trees: Apex Training and Support Systems.

“To make sure everything runs smoothly, you’ll be working alongside a new asset: a turian agent from Intelligence. He’s former corporate security, an expert in reconnaissance and information gathering, but he can hold his own in the field. His recon expertise and tactical cloak will have him playing hide and seek with the enemy.”

New equipment is also available in the store for all characters to use. Equipment can be bought directly in the multiplayer store rather than buying a pack with random contents. Available pieces of equipment include Enhanced Munitions, the Guerilla Upgrade, and new purchasable experience boosters.

BioWare's Mass Effect: Andromeda continues to update multiplayer mode with new characters
A Turian Agent is an asset to any APEX group in Mass Effect: Andromeda [Image by BioWare]

Enhanced Munitions increase a character’s combat powers while the Guerilla Upgrade increases a character’s sniper rifle and pistol damage. Two experience boosters are also available now for purchase. The uncommon rarity is worth 50 percent more experience when selected and costs just 10 Mission Funds. The rare version offers 75 percent more experience and costs 15 Mission Funds.

The “Chasing the Archon’s Obsession” mission will only be available over the weekend for players to complete. The mission offers 10 Mission Funds, a reward of 15 percent more credits, and experience for teams that tackle it. Strike Teams can also complete the mission, and regardless of the way the mission is completed, rewards for the single-player of Mass Effect: Andromeda are also unlocked.


The Turian Agent is the third character to be added to the growing roster after the game’s launch. He joins the Krogan Gladiator and the Salarian Architect as permanent potential rewards from packs bought with credits or Andromeda Points. As the Inquisitr reported, the Salarian Architect was added weeks ago alongside the Inferno sniper rifle as part of Act 1: The Remnant Investigation.

Mass Effect: Andromeda and its multiplayer continue to update with the new co-operative missions, characters, and equipment. A new patch is now available alongside the latest APEX mission and character. Patch 1.06 addresses the difficulty of silver and gold missions in addition to improving powers. The Outlaw faction was improved again while the Kett were tuned down a bit to make them more enjoyable. For the full list of changes to the Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer, check out the BioWare blog for more information.

[Featured Image by BioWare]