Kim Jong-un Removal Will Cost $175 Billion, Claims A New Theory

Viraj Mahajan

The tension between North Korea and the United States has allegedly proved that Kim Jong-un will continue to test his missiles. If his missile test is successful, and if the North Korea's state-run news outlets are to be believed, then the world will have to face the possibility of the greatest military conflict since World War 2.

Earlier this month, North Korea's news agency reportedly claimed that the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America collaborated with South Korean Intelligence Agency to plot Kim Jong-un's assassination. The claims from the news agency were North Korea's way to spread fake news against the United States and its allies. However, there are many experts who think that there are many government officials inside Kim's circle who do not wish to wage a nuclear war against the United States. According to them, it is better to replace Kim Jong-un with someone more sensible than having a war with other powerful countries.

What will it take to remove Kim Jong-un from power?

Well, according to a recent book, it will take $175 billion to remove him from his power.

According to a new conspiracy theory, up to $30 million would be paid to each of the North Korea's top officials while $12 billion may be enough to convince their army to abandon their supreme leader. Shepherd Iverson, a former professor at Inha University in Incheon, South Korea, who wrote a book, suggests arranging a "reunification investment fund" to solve the crisis in the Korean peninsula.

In his book, Stop North Korea!: A Radical New Approach to Solving the North Korea Standoff, Shepherd Iverson imagines a scenario where the top elite officials from Kim's inner circle would be bribed to ensure a diplomatic way to resolve the ongoing conflict.

According to Shepherd, the fund would be as much as $175 billion and include bribe amounts to officials over a number of years.

The author of the book further suggests that the only way the nuclear war between Pyongyang and Washington will be avoided is if Kim is taken out of the equation.

According to NK News, who did the review of Iverson book, "he proposes that reunification is the best, possibly only, way to denuclearize North Korea, end its government's oppressive regime and create a fruitful, sustainable peace."

Apart from $30 million, up to $23.3 billion would be paid in total to the families of those elite officials who wield power in Pyongyang. Shepherd notes that the top ten families would receive $30 million each, and the top thousand families would get $5 million.

In the hermit state, there are more than 11,000 elite officials, including army generals and chief officers. A sum of at least $1 million will be given to these officials while the next tier of 50,000 elites would be paid between $100,000 and $500,000.

The book further suggests that there are a number of groups in North Korea who are trying their best to bring peace after the great famine. Those groups would share $17.9 billion while $121.8 billion would go to the country's general population to start their life again.

Shepherd further wrote in his book that Kim Jong-un and his family would not receive any money, but to avoid bloodshed and further complications, they would be offered immunity in return for stepping away from power.

So, from where this $175 billion would be arranged?

According to Shepherd, the entire cash would be raised from private groups and business moguls, who consider this as a good investment opportunity.

"You see it is undervalued and want to take it over, but it is controlled by an old-fashioned board of directors the Kim family and a small number of ultra-elites who will not negotiate a deal. In this regressive situation, it is logical to offer shareholders the larger number of political and military elites, government managers and bureaucrats, and the general population a higher price for their shares to convince them to overrule their board of directors."

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