Leah Messer Trusting The Universe With Jeremy Calvert Relationship?

Leah Messer is one of the Teen Mom 2 stars who keep a low profile when the show isn’t filming. And when Leah is on the show, the producers tend to focus on her children, Ali’s medical struggles, and Leah’s own mental health. It’s no secret that Leah has struggled with anxiety and depression over the past couple of years, but she’s turning her life around. This Teen Mom 2 star has often said that she doesn’t want any boyfriends and she prefers to be single. But recently, her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert became single again if rumors are to be believed and Leah may be hoping for a re-connection with Calvert.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer recently revealed that she’s trusting that the universe will tell her what to do in regards to her relationships and her life. While Leah may not be trying to get back together with Jeremy, one can imagine that she’s hoping for a cordial relationship with him. And now that he’s not engaged to Brooke Wehr anymore, she could be hoping for a chance to correct what she previously did wrong.


Leah Messer and Jeremy divorced because she was dealing with anxiety and depression. He kept saying that she wasn’t the woman he married and he saw her change on a daily basis. It makes sense that he would want to see her get better and now that she’s sober, has enrolled in school and has launched a new business venture, Jeremy may be open to the idea of working things out. As for Leah, she’s trusting the universe to work things out for her.

“You are being refined so that you can shine brighter than any darkness. The pressure can feel overwhelming yet remember that it is actually preparing you to receive all that you’ve asked for. The more you’re given, the greater responsibility you have. Even when life feels like it’s too much, push yourself to believe and see the bigger picture. You’re never given anything you can’t handle. Trust that the universe & God are conspiring in your favor. Do good, be kind and spread love,” Leah Messer wrote on Instagram recently.


When Leah Messer was faced with a divorce, she really had no desire to divorce Jeremy. He wanted out as he didn’t want to deal with her depression, but she had no real interest in leaving the marriage behind. Messer had already been divorced once because she and Corey Simms could not work things out. He learned that she had cheated on him just before their wedding with her former boyfriend and Corey couldn’t forgive her and move on. But in her divorce from Jeremy, Leah was struggling with depression and anxiety, and Jeremy couldn’t handle how his wife was changing.

So, is Jeremy ready to give his ex-wife another chance? The two have been hanging out again and Leah showed off some pictures of them together on social media recently. And if rumors are to be believed, Calvert is no longer engaged to Brooke Wehr because he cheated on her with one of her friends. If this is indeed true, it is possible that he’s no longer interested in being engaged to her and he has accepted the fact that things between them are over. Maybe Leah sees this as her chance to prove to him that she has changed and she’s focusing on herself.

What do you think of Leah Messer trusting the universe? Do you think she and Jeremy should work on their relationship and give it another shot, or do you think they should just remain friends for the sake of their daughter, Adalynn?

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