‘One Piece’ Chapter 866: The Secret Behind The Mother Caramel Picture — Will Bege Kill The Weakened Big Mom?

Chapter 865 of the hit manga series One Piece by Eiichiro Oda was just released. To the delight of fans, the latest installment proved correct many of the various theories and speculations, but it also gave hints on where the storyline of the series could go next. Now, fans are expecting the upcoming One Piece Chapter 866 to shed light on a mystery that has been plaguing fans for months now: the story behind the Mother Caramel picture and why it affects Big Mom so much.

Big Mom Finally Screamed

In the recently released Chapter 865 of the One Piece manga series, which can be read in Mangastream, Big Mom finally screamed. With that scream finally out, things are once again looking good for the Straw Hat-Fire Tank Pirates alliance, and chances are that things just might go according to plan after all.

Some fans have previously speculated that Bege’s plan to take down the Yonko might hit a snag. More than three seconds have passed since Brook, disguised as Luffy, broke the Mother Caramel picture to pieces, but Big Mom did not yet scream in Chapter 864.

It turns out that previous speculations made by the Inquisitr were correct, Big Mom did not scream yet because she was a bit confused. She can’t decide which of the two events — Luffy destroying the delicious wedding cake or Brook breaking Mother Caramel’s photo — is more frustrating. Thus, quick-thinking Capone Bege devised a new plan to trigger Big Mom’s meltdown and make her vulnerable by showing her the broken pieces of the Mother Caramel picture as some sort of reminder.

Commander Dogtooth tried to intervene, but as predicted, Bege took care of him. Thus, Luffy was finally able to show the broken pieces of the picture to Big Mom. Finally, the Yonko screamed.

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Vinsmokes Escapes Assassination

As predicted by the Inquisitr, the scream knocked out several of Big Mom’s own underlings. The scream could not have been more well-timed for the Vinsmoke family. If the Yonko had not scream then, all of them would have been massacred already.

Despite being horribly treated by his own family, it was actually Sanji who saved his siblings and father by breaking the candy that bound them. With his family owing him their lives, it is highly likely that their opinion of the failure sibling could drastically change in the coming chapters of the manga series.

The Story Behind The Mother Caramel Picture

There is one topic that the upcoming One Piece Chapter 866 would most likely feature. In the last page of the previous chapter, the broken Mother Caramel picture had the Yonko teary-eyed, remembering a sad event that happened 63 years ago.

While the mystery of the photo and its connection to Big Mom will most likely be revealed in the coming installment, fans all over the world are also making their own speculations on what the upcoming chapter could bring. These are some of the most exciting possibilities that come to mind.

For instance, the photo seems to belong to the Yonko’s mother. In the previous chapter, Big Mom was seen having a conversation with the picture and calling it “Mother,” which suggest that the person is indeed her mom.

Apparently, Mother Caramel left her child, the Yonko Charlotte Linlin, around 63 years ago. In addition, there is one clue to where Caramel could be headed when she disappeared. The word Elbaf was written on the last page, the land of the giants and a country known as the world’s strongest due to its military might. Does this mean that Big Mom is originally from Elbaf too?

Assassination of Big Mom

Another topic worth speculating on is Bege’s plan to assassinate Big Mom. In the previous chapter, breaking the Mother Caramel picture finally showed its intended effects on the Yonko. Big Mom screamed and, more importantly, is now vulnerable and weakened.

Thus, Capone and his men are preparing to attack her with the toxic-laden rocket launchers. The question on every fan’s mind is whether Oda really wants Big Mom written off from the series or if he has plans for the Yonko to survive by entering into some sort of truce with everyone involved, including the Vinsmokes.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a bit longer to find out when happens next. As announced in the most recent issue, the One Piece Chapter 866 released will be delayed as the team will be on a break next week.

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