North Korea Warns Donald Trump, ‘Hundreds Of Millions Of Americans Will Die’ In World War 3

North Korea’s state-run media has warned that “hundreds of millions of Americans” will be killed if the alleged World War 3 breaks out between Pyongyang and Washington.

The hermit state’s mouthpiece, Rodong Sinmun, issued the deadly threat in its newspaper as the diplomatic and nuclear tension escalates between North Korea and the United States of America.

The propaganda outlet warned that Donald Trump’s administration must “save the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans” by stepping back from the alleged war.

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[Image by Ahn Young-joon/AP Images]

The outlet added, “This is nothing but a prelude to a war for invading the DPRK and an open declaration of the US to ignite a war at any moment.”

Donald Trump has sent the war fleet to the Korean peninsula as the North prepares to launch its sixth missile test. The propaganda outlet added that if the alleged nuclear war breaks out then it will lead to the greatest war of this generation and even the survivors would not be able to find a place to shelter.

“The US would be well advised to urgently take measures to save the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans in the mainland rather than being concerned about the security of those in South Korea.”

Apparently, this is not for the first time that Rodong Sinmun has spread the threat against the United States. Prior to this, the state-run newspaper went on to claim that they have the most powerful bomb in their arsenal and Kim Jong-un will launch it against his enemies.

According to several media outlet, the “most powerful bomb” is referred to Korea’s possession of Hydrogen bomb, which is more dangerous than any atomic bomb.

“[North Korea] will react to a total war with an all-out war, a nuclear war with nuclear strikes of its own style and surely win a victory in the death-defying struggle against the U.S. imperialists,” read a statement released by North Korea’s Foreign Ministry.

Another state-run media outlet Minju Joson claimed that the only way for the American government to save millions of their citizens is to withdraw their military and citizens from South Korea. It wrote the following chilling message,

“The army of North Korea already declared it will deal merciless destructive blows at the enemies so that they would not come back to life again should they make reckless provocation. If our Juche weapons with potentials unimaginable by the US open fire, they will destroy the US forces and their stooges to the last man so that there would not be left even a single man who will sign the surrender document.”

Meanwhile, North Korea’s Uriminzokkiri, another state-run website, talked about the alleged World War 3 and how they think that the United States of America is planning to invade their peaceful land.

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[Image by Ahn Young-joon/AP Images]

“The world would clearly see how the US’ rash, arrogant aircraft carriers turn into a lump of scrap metal and gets buried at sea, and how the country vanishes from the Earth,” read a statement from the propaganda website. “Our super-hard-line responses include sudden, pre-emptive strikes involving land, naval, underwater and airmobile assets.”

The communist country has already been warned by the United Nations to not carry on with their nuclear tests. Neighboring countries like China, Japan, and South Korea has also urged Kim Jong-un to find a diplomatic way to resolve the conflicts. Not only this, to end the growing tension between the two countries, President Donald Trump reportedly stated that “he would be honored” to meet Kim Jong-un to resolve the conflicts.

However, there are many legal experts who think that a meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un will only result in the alleged World War 3. According to them, Kim is arrogant and a small mistake from any leader would apparently lead to nuclear war between these countries.

As of this writing, the tension between North Korea and the United States remains the same. What do you think of these claims made by state-run propaganda news outlets? Sound off your views in the comments below.

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