New Taylor Swift Album Release Date Revealed, Singer Been In Hiding After Disastrous Year [Rumor]

Taylor Swift has been out of the public eye for several months now, staying away from showbiz events and publicity opportunities, and hardly ever posting on her social media accounts, too.

In turns out that there are two good reasons for that. The first is that she is currently hard at work on a brand new album, so much so that it is reportedly due for release in just a couple of months time. While it has also been alleged that the singer has decided to keep herself hidden from the media and public appearances after a rather tumultuous past year.

According to an insider, Taylor Swift had taken “some much-needed time off,” but in recent months her attention has turned to her sixth studio album, as the source added that she has “really started focusing on making that happen for fans.” From the sound of things, Taylor Swift’s new album isn’t actually that far away, too, because the source also revealed that she’s “aiming” for it to be released in the fall.

Taylor’s been quietly recording new music for a couple a months. She’s aiming to release an album this fall.

Taylor Swift is working on a new album
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It would make sense if Taylor Swift decided to release her sixth album in the fall because that’s exactly when all five of her previous albums hit shelves. Taylor Swift’s eponymous record was released on October 24, 2006, her follow-up Fearless arrived on November 11, 2008, Speak Now came on October 25, 2010, Red on October 22, 2012, and most recently 1989 was made available for purchase on October 27, 2014, meaning that Swift’s sixth album should be with us somewhere around the third anniversary of the Grammy Award-winning effort.

The insider’s remarks to US Weekly, via the Daily Mail, come just a week after another source confided to E Online that Taylor Swift had spent the last few months tirelessly working on new material. Swift has been so dedicated to getting the album just right that she has even kept her friends at arm’s length during this time, and her intent now is to get to right, tease its impending release with an announcement, and then “reconnect with her friends.”

Taylor has been working on it around the clock and will be making an announcement soon. She is really excited about her new music and can’t wait to share it with her fans. She has been entirely focused on that and not much else. She has been 100 percent dedicated to making music the last few months and that’s it. She is really looking forward to finishing the record and being able to have some down time to reconnect with her friends.

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Taylor’s impressive work-rate on this album has also meant that she’s been able to keep herself out of the limelight, something that US Weekly’s source insisted was actually her intention, as the singer “was trying to stay out of the media.” Over the course of 2016, Taylor Swift repeatedly saw herself being criticized and attacked in the media over a variety of disputes that she’d had with different celebrities.

Most notably she broke up with musician Calvin Harris, only to then begin dating Tom Hiddleston. After a couple of hectic months at the forefront of the media’s attention, Hiddleston and Swift went their separate ways. Then Taylor Swift feuded very publicly with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian over his song “Famous”, which included lyrics about Swift.

After she insisted she didn’t realize they were going to be so derogatory, Kim then uploaded a secretly recorded video of a conversation between Kanye and Taylor Swift that suggested she actually did. This then led to some further back and forth, which convinced Taylor Swift to shun publicity and focus on her new album that’s now on the cusp of being released.

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