Ted Bundy Childhood House Haunted? Contractor Says Creepy Happenings Plagued Home Remodel

Patricia Ramirez

Ted Bundy is arguably one of the most notorious serial killers America ever produced, and now a contractor who recently remodeled his childhood home in Washington state says that the process was full of creepy occurrences. According to contractor Casey Clopton, the house shared by a young Ted Bundy, his mother, stepfather, and siblings was home to mysterious ghostly writing, toppling furniture, and other strange happenings while he and his crew got it ready to be flipped last year.

"I'm not one to believe a lot of this stuff, but this house made me a believer."

Officially, there is no known evidence that Ted Bundy ever committed a murder or even a crime while he lived in the Tacoma house.

Clopton's first trip to the Ted Bundy house was last October, and according to the contractor he brought his 11-year-old daughter along for the ride. At the time, he was unaware that the house was the childhood home of Ted Bundy. Her first impression was of the house would set the tone for things to come. According to Casey Clopton, his daughter got such a bad feeling about the house after stepping inside that she started to cry.

"She said she felt weird. She didn't like it there...I just chalked it up to a little girl being scared of the dark."

"Periodically, throughout the course of the job, we had weird things keep happening."

"To take that out, it takes you two people. It was tipped over, moved over across the hall a little bit, and on its face."

After countless unexplained occurrences, Clopton began to ask neighbors of the property if they had ever heard of strange goings-on at the home. It was only then that the contractor learned that he had been remodeling Ted Bundy's childhood house.

A Christian, Casey Clopton turned to his faith to help him complete the ghostly renovation. Reportedly the contractor called in two separate pastors to bless the house, and on top of that wrote Bible verses on the walls while he completed the project. He also instituted the rule that Christian music must be playing in the house at all times while his crew worked to complete the remodel.

"Everything in that house fought us, and I was kind of weird about it. But I go to church and I have God with me."

What do you think? Could Ted Bundy's childhood house really be haunted, or do you believe that the strange occurrences experienced by the contractor and crew have a more rational explanation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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