How ‘Community’ Will Conveniently Write Chevy Chase Out [Report]

Chevy Chase is officially done with Community after a long and bitter battle with showrunners and writers. Conveniently, the folks behind the cult-hit have figured out a way to write his character out, even though he abruptly left mid-season.

Community‘s season 4 has had a long and troubled road, with the firing and replacement of creator and executive producer Dan Harmon with David Guarascio and Moses Port, indefinite delays, and continuing problems with actor Chevy Chase. Though Chase has never been a fan of Pierce Hawthorne, the character he plays on Community, his dissatisfaction with the show reached its peak right smack dab in the middle of the already troubled season 4.

Though Chase left with several episodes left to shoot, his departure wasn’t really a surprise to anyone, even the showrunners.

The plan to write Chase off the show, according to TV Line, involves a season 4 cliffhanger ending (which sucks because the show probably won’t be picked up for a season 5). However, if Community is renewed, the writers will deal with his character’s fate next season.

The episodes were shot out of sequence, so Chase had already finished filming the season finale. Oh, and apparently, several characters are somehow on the chopping block alongside him, reports ScreenRant.

“[Episode 413] wasn’t intended to set up his departure,” a source says of Chase being written off Community. “It just worked out that way.”

Are you hoping against hope that Community is renewed for season 5? Can you picture the Greendale study group without Chevy Chase? Sound off!