New Augmented-Reality App Brings ‘Minecraft’ Creations To Life

Building forts and objects in “Minecraft” may be fun, but sharing them with non-player friends can be difficult.

According to NBC News, there may be a way to easily share your “Minecraft creations with your non-playing friends. A new augmented-reality iOS application lets you bring your blocky little creations to the real world, though it’s a bit limited.

This cool application is called “Minecraft Reality”. The application was developed by 13th Lab and “Minecraft” creator Mojang. Objects from the game can be brought in, or you can browse others already available. Then you drop them right into the scene wherever you happen to be.

Using what the developers call “Simultaneous Localization and Mapping,” the device’s camera gets a sense of the space around you, at which point you can adjust the “real world” position of your object. For example, you could put a car at full size in a parking space, or at the size of a toy on your desk.

The application is still in beta testing, so the input process still has a lot of bugs to work out. It may take some fiddling to get your creation positioned correctly, but after some tinkering, it should get better. And once a few more people download and use the app, you’ll be able to find objects and worlds others have placed.

“Minecraft Reality” is available now for $1.99 on the App Store. You’ll need a fairly recent Apple device such as an iPhone 4S, iPad 3, or anything later will do the trick.