Kathryn Dennis On ‘Southern Charm’ Savannah Premiere, ‘Expect Different Cast Dynamic’ [VIDEO]

There are just mere hours until the Southern Charm Savannah premiere time of 10 pm tonight, where fans will get to see another southern hot mess express has left the station, this time from Georgia. However, fans will get to see some familiar Southern Charm faces along the way to launch the series, including Shep, Thomas Ravenel, and yes, perhaps Kathryn Dennis. However, how will fans differentiate between the original Southern Charm and Southern Charm Savannah? The key is long-standing relationships based in childhood.

Though Savannah is just a mere two hours away from Charleston by car, the town has its own flavor. While it has sometimes been branded as the ugly step-child of Charleston, fans will find that the cast of Southern Charm Savannah can stand on its own. The core cast of Southern Charm Savannah are six lifelong friends in a city that is filled with “heirs and socialites.” However, one of the interesting differences that fans will notice right off the bat is that unlike the original Southern Charm, where it is rare to see the core characters actually working, the folks on Southern Charm Savannah actually have (gasp) established careers. While many may not have to actually work to keep themselves living in a comfortable manner, they choose to work. How refreshing!

Southern Charm star, Kathryn Dennis took a road trip down to Savannah to have dinner with two members of the Bravo spin-off, Southern Charm Savannah, and found them to be refreshing. Kathryn sat down with Ashley and Nelson (who will be a “friend” of the cast, but something tells me he will graduate to cast status quickly, as it sounds like the skeletons in his closet are having a big ole party), and they clicked.


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Kathryn says that unlike the original Southern Charm, the core cast members were actually friends before Bravo came calling. However, even with old friends, people get labels, and Kathryn believes that Ashley is going to be painted perhaps with the “bad girl” brush.

“Like me, Ashley has a child, and that is her priority. She is a free spirit, and does her own thing, and sees things from a unique perspective.”

However, like most free spirits, they can rankle those with more conventional personalities, and Ashley Borders will bring a worldly style, and a “my way” personality to the group, and balancing that with her role as a single mom to son Izzy.

And then there is Nelson, who charmed Kathryn with his wit and friendly, familiar nature.

Nelson is so funny, and talks really fast. I am so glad that I got a chance to meet them before the show airs, and hope to make another trip down to Savannah soon.”

The word is that Nelson is back in Savannah after some time up north in order to redeem himself after scrapes with the law. The word is that Nelson was up in Washington, D.C. impersonating a Savannah politician.

Moreover, there are a few more Southern Charm Savannah cast tips based on previewing the first episode of this new Southern Charm. First there is Daniel Eichholz, a lawyer with catchy television commercials where he allegedly raps. Liz Farrell of the Island Packet hints that Daniel is also perhaps eccentric.

“Daniel is a hairy hunk who looks like he thinks swimming in the pool counts as a shower. And he is often naked in an un-pixelated way.”

Liz also says that despite the fact that his friends call him “fabulous” Nelson, who says things like “Hell Damn No!” is not gay, so put that in your mental vault for tonight’s Southern Charm Savannah, at 10 p.m. tonight. She also makes a link for Nelson to two cast members from the original Southern Charm.

“[Nelson is like] Patricia Altschul with Thomas Ravenel’s delusions of political grandeur.”

And she also suggests that Southern Charm Savannah has a Landon, and his name is Lyle.

“There’s a guy named Lyle who might have to be told rocks aren’t cereal. I’m not saying he seems super dumb, I’m just saying he might mistake a bowl of rocks to be his breakfast unless someone tells him otherwise. OK. Fine. He seems really, really dumb and a little lost.”

But for the first episode, let’s hold off on the spoilers so you can make your own impressions.

Will you watch Southern Charm Savannah, airing right after Southern Charm at 10 p.m.?

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