‘Injustice 2’ DLC Characters Revealed: Sub-Zero, Red Hood, Starfire Join The Fray [Video]

The DC universe is opening its doors to one of the biggest struggles in its history.

Injustice 2 news continues to pour out with news of gameplay and new characters. Recently, we’ve seen Poison Ivy and other new characters in action. We’ve also been given information on “Shattered Alliances,” the main concept of the game’s story. It appears that Superman’s actions in the first installment of the Injustice games have had a lasting effect, and the consequences will roll over into the new title. Of course, much of this is nothing more than speculation based on the hints and glimpses we’ve been given into the game. If anything is certain, however, it’s that Injustice 2 will feature all manner of trust and betrayal.

In a report by IGN, it’s been revealed that the first batch of DLC fighters in Injustice 2 will be Sub-Zero, Starfire, and Red Hood. Each of these choices is a solid pick, as fans of each respective series values these characters as icons. NetherRealm Studios recently released a trailer that shows the DLC fighters entering the scene.

Sub-Zero’s appearance in Injustice 2 looks the same for the most part, though his classic look has been given a more modern feel. He wields what looks to be swords or daggers, so we can expect him to be as proficient in the upcoming fighter as he was in the latest Mortal Kombat. It strikes as interesting that Sub-Zero was chosen for Injustice 2, especially with Scorpion having been chosen as a DLC character int he previous installment.

Starfire, one of the key members of the Teen Titans, looks to have been given a more mature appearance in Injustice 2. While there’s no footage of her in action, it’s safe to assume that NetherRealm Studios will play her akin to what we’ve seen of her during movies and television shows. It remains to be seen whether or not she will play a critical part in the Injustice 2 story. According to a report by Attack of the Fanboy, it’s being rumored that Starfire’s voice will be done by Kari Wahlgren.

Red Hood, a character famously known to be used by multiple characters in the DC universe, retains his usual look. He wields a sidearm, boasting the notion that he may play somewhere in the same realm as Deathstroke. The Injustice 2 trailer only shows the three DLC characters meeting at the center of the stage. Undoubtedly, though, NetherRealm Studios will show us more as time goes on.

So far, the DLC lineup for Injustice 2 looks to be just as deadly as the original cast. The characters included are: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Aquaman, Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, The Flash, Blue Beetle, Bane, Poison Ivy, Brainiac, Robin, Black Canary, Swamp Thing, Catwoman, Cheetah, Cyborg, Dr. Fate, Green Lantern, Firestorm, Green Arrow, Black Adam, Captain Cold, Scarecrow, Darkseid, and The Joker.

Injustice 2 is set to release on May 16. Those who pre-order various editions of the game will be receiving shaders and skins to go along with the original game. Injustice 2 will feature some deep customization, and you can bet that pre-orders and DLC packs alike will allow players to make unique appearances of their favorite heroes and villains. The stage is set for the DC universe to carry out the next set of events in Injustice 2. Whether you’re an old or new player to the series, there’s more than enough time to dive into Injustice and brush up on its story.

Whose side will you be on when Injustice 2 hits the shelves? Do you believe that the second installment of the game will be better than the first? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Featured Image by NetherRealm Studios]

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