WWE News: Current Timetable For Stephanie McMahon’s Return To WWE Television

The WWE Universe knows that it’s only a matter of time before Stephanie McMahon returns to Raw, but it’s unclear exactly when she’s expected to return to WWE television. At WrestleMania 33, Stephanie McMahon was ringside during the match between Seth Rollins and Triple H. She was written off television after falling off the apron through a table set up on the outside. Stephanie hasn’t been featured on WWE television since.

In her absence, Vince McMahon brought in Kurt Angle as the new General Manager of Raw. The fans were thrilled to see the rumors confirmed, but it’s a matter of time before Stephanie rejoins the brand and works with the WWE Hall of Famer. Recently, she expressed her excitement to work with Kurt Angle in the future.

“I can’t wait to work with Kurt. Kurt is so entertaining. He is really funny. I think it is going to be so much and hopefully having that interaction and this time the situation is a little bit different as I am the boss.”

Kurt Angle Will Wrestle For WWE Eventually
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Kurt and Stephanie working together on Raw is going to be extremely interesting for the WWE fans. Their dynamic will be strong babyface versus strong heel, which means the two will butt heads often. There is a lot of speculation about the long-term plans for Angle’s role as the Raw GM. It’s been rumored that Angle could turn heel eventually to set up a feud with Seth Rollins, or stay face and start a rivalry with HHH eventually.

Even if WWE officials decide to head in another direction, Angle is being monitored for an in-ring return as soon as possible. That storyline will impact his dynamic with Stephanie McMahon, but she has to be around and on WWE television for that to work. As of this writing, she’s taking some time off from WWE television as a way for the fans to reconnect with Angle and establish him as the babyface authority figure on Raw.

However, it’s being reported that Stephanie McMahon doesn’t even know when she will return to WWE TV and it could be awhile. WWE officials could hold off her return until after WWE SummerSlam or longer. She isn’t expected to be gone for that long, but plans can always change, and Stephanie running Raw with Angle will escalate most of Raw’s storylines. WWE officials want to make sure she comes back at the right time.

Triple H And Stephanie McMahon Apparently Have Problems With Shane McMahon Backstage in WWE
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Naturally, Stephanie McMahon receives a lot of criticism from the WWE Universe, but most of that heat is a result of her doing her job well on WWE television. She has been pivotal to the WWE product for years now, but there will always be people that take her role on WWE programming too seriously. Over the years, she’s been one of the best workers on the microphone and has established a presence that no one else could have.

Stephanie hasn’t wrestled a match in roughly three years, but there is some speculation that she could work another match on the grandest stage of them all next year in New Orleans. An ideal opponent for her would be Bayley because she’s essentially the opposite of Stephanie McMahon on WWE television. A feud between Stephanie McMahon and Bayley may do wonders for the latter’s position as a top babyface for the company.

It’s also been rumored that Sasha Banks could feud with Stephanie at some point. A “Battle of The Bosses” could be a big money match at WrestleMania 34. No matter what happens with McMahon over the next few months, these rumors are potential storylines and proof of her value to the WWE product. It’s only a matter of time before she returns to WWE television, but the powers that be just need to figure out her direction.

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